The Oversight Board

Strategic oversight of all aspects of the CDT is provided by an Oversight Board (OB) which meets twice yearly to offer independent evaluation of our activities and provide advice on appropriate research priorities and strategic directions, as well as on training, employability, knowledge-transfer, exploitation and dissemination opportunities. Our OB comprises a mix of industrial, government and academic researchers.

Oversight Board members

Professor Miles Padgett (Chair) University of Glasgow Kelvin Chair Natural Philosophy, School of Physics and Astronomy
Professor Jonathan Knight University of Bath Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Professor Kobus Kuipers

Delft University of Technology

Head of Quantum Nanoscience Department, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience
Professor Ruth Oulton

University of Bristol

Professor of Quantum Photonics
Professor Markys G Cain


Dr Adrian Janssen


Chief Technologist
Professor Chris Lawrence


Chief Scientist: Advanced Services & Products
Dr Heather Lewtas

UK Atomic Energy Authority

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Development Engineer
Dr James Watts Flann Microwave Chief Executive Officer
Professor Ian J Youngs Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) Dstl Senior Fellow. Platform Sciences Group: Physical Sciences Department
Professor Richard Craster Imperial College London Professor of Applied Mathematics

It’s been a pleasure to watch the evolution of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials (XM2). The experience and innovative energy of the management/admin team, coupled with the outstanding cohort of students who comprised the first intake resulted in the Centre becoming rapidly up to speed, and the atmosphere amongst the team bodes well for the future.

Through their informal and personal interactions with members of the Oversight Board, students on the programme have made it clear how they appreciate the added-value components such as Cognitive Behaviour Coaching and the Creativity events, as well as the atmosphere engendered by the academics and the structures which have been put in place to enable their voices to be heard. The message that researchers should do things which matter, and do them to the highest standards, is very clear to hear.

Professor Jonathan Knight, previous Chair of the XM2 Oversight Board 2014 - 2019