Photo of Ms Victoria Volodina

Ms Victoria Volodina



Telephone: 01392 726403

Extension: (Streatham) 6403

I am a second-year PhD student in mathematics, mainly working with my lead supervisor Dr Daniel Williamson and second supervisor Prof Geoffrey Vallis. My current research focuses on constructing multi-level Gaussian Process (GP) emulators for climate model hierarchies produced within EuroClim project.  In particular, I am working on linking together the idealised moist model with simple radiation scheme and full radiation scheme to identify the effect of improved radiation scheme on the model outputs.
This model allows to produce prediction under a general non-RCP forcing scenario using only RCP runs for a model with full radiation scheme and a large ensemble of alternatives for a model with simple radiation scheme.

I am also interested in Nonstationary GP emulators. Such emulators approximate well simulators that exhibit nonstationary behaviour across the input space.