Photo of Mr Thomas  Clemo

Mr Thomas Clemo



Telephone: 01392 723612

Extension: (Streatham) 3612

I am a second-year PhD student looking at the role of stratospheric variability in surface weather and climate. My primary supervisor is Professor Mark Baldwin, and my secondary supervisor is Professor David Stephenson.

My project looks at the variations in stratospheric circulations, including the polar vortex, through processes such as sudden stratospheric warmings (SSWs), and the effects of these variations on tropospheric systems. Specifically, by looking at reanalysis data and output from climate models, we hope to better understand the processes behind polar cap pressure anomalies, in which an influx of mass over the pole in the upper stratosphere also seems to cause air to flow polewards in the troposphere, creating an area of stored atmospheric mass in the column of air above the pole. Previous studies have mainly used data obtained at constant pressure levels, so looking at the pressure variations themselves at constant geopotential height is a new direction for this topic. We will go on to investigate whether these pressure anomalies are affected by the changing climate, and what impact it has on surface weather.