Photo of Dr Stefan Siegert

Dr Stefan Siegert



Telephone: 01392 724058 or 01392 725358

Extension: (Streatham) 4058 or (Streatham) 5358

My research is on statistical inference in complex systems, particularly the climate system. I am especially interested in how to best use information from computer simulations to say something about the real world.

  • I am currently a Research Fellow in the Real Projections project (NERC) that brings together leading UK climate researchers to provide robust spatial projections of real-world climate change. I am developing statistical methodology for making reliable spatial projections of future climate change based on historical observations and ensembles of climate simulation models.
  • I have worked for the SPECS project (FP7) for the development of seasonal-to-decadal climate forecasts for European climate services. My role in this project was to develop statistical methodology for forecast verification.
  • I am developing and maintaining the R package SpecsVerification for evaluating the quality of weather and climate forecasts.