Photo of Dr Samantha Ferrett

Dr Samantha Ferrett

Associate Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 726403

Extension: (Streatham) 6403

I'm an Associate Research Fellow working with Mat Collins on the Climate Science for Climate services Partnership: China Project. My work currently involves assessment of El Nino Southern Oscillation feedbacks in coupled climate models, namely the damping of El Nino related equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies by ocean-atmosphere interactions. Links may exist between inter-model variations of these processes and mean climate biases in those coupled models. Finding simple metrics to quantify these variations and improving our understanding of these links can aid future model development. This is currently the main focus of my work.


My PhD work was also based at the University of Exeter and focussed on similar feedback assessment using the Bjerknes stability index, a metric incorporating a number of ocean-atmosphere feedbacks. This work was carried out using a HadCM3 perturbed-physics ensemble rather than a multi-model ensemble and also looked at ENSO feedback responses to a warming climate.




Ferrett, S., M. Collins and H. Ren, 2017: Relationship between Double ITCZ Biases and the Evaporative Damping of El Niño Southern Oscillation Events in CMIP5 (Manuscript submitted for publication)

Ferrett, S., and M. Collins, 2016: ENSO Feedbacks and their Relationships with the Mean State in a Flux Adjusted Ensemble. Clim. Dyn. doi:10.1007/s00382-016-3270-9

Guilyardi, E., H. Bellenger, M. Collins, S. Ferrett, W. Cai and A. Wittenberg, 2012: A First Look at ENSO in CMIP5. CLIVAR Exchanges, No. 58, Vol. 17(1), 29-32.