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Prof Peter Cox

Professor - Climate System Dynamics


Telephone: 01392 725220

Extension: (Streatham) 5220

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Current role

Current research interests

  • Climate-carbon cycle feedbacks
  • Dynamic Global Vegetation Modelling
  • Impact of Atmospheric Pollutants on Ecosystem Services
  • Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation
  • Geoengineering
  • Climate Tipping Points 
  • Maximum Entropy Production and the Earth System

Publications and citations

Associated postdocs and PhD students

  • Dr Cat Luke  (Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation, NERC - NCEO)
  • Jon Moore (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change, NERC - CEH)
  • Lester Kwiatowski (Coral Reefs and Climate Change, Exeter EMPS - CCSF Studentship)
  • Margriet Groenendijk (Land-Surface and the Hydrological Cycle, NERC- HYDRA)
  • Dr Alessandro Anav (Validation of Climate-Carbon Cycle GCMs, EU - Greencycles II)
  • Alex Marti-Donati (Nitrogen Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems, EU - Greencycles II) 
  • Zoe Thomas (Tipping Points in the Palaeoclimate Record, Exeter LES - CCSF Studentship)

Working groups, committees and wider recognition

TV coverage

Previous jobs

Until September 2006, Prof Cox was the Science Director - Climate Change at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and prior to that he was at the Hadley Centre for Climate prediction and Research (1990-2004).