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Paul Ritchie



Telephone: 01392 723590

Extension: (Streatham) 3590

I'm a PhD student studying tipping points, supervised by Dr. Jan Sieber and Prof. Peter Cox.

A system passes a tipping point when gradual changes in input levels cause the output to suddenly change state and could potentially be irreversible. Tipping events occur in many different fields of science for example epileptic seizures and Arctic sea ice melting. Having the ability to forecast these happening would be of great benefit. Three types of tipping include: bifurcation, noise and rate-induced tipping. For bifurcation tipping early-warning indicators are rather well developed. However, for noise and rate-induced tipping this is not the case and my work is looking at creating an additional/new early-warning indicator to detect a tipping event before it occurs.



Probability of noise- and rate-induced tipping, 2017

Early-warning indicators for rate-induced tipping, 2016



Tipping Points Reading Group, August 2016

Climate Tipping Points Workshop, Dartington Hall, April 2016

Dynamical Systems Reading Group, November 2015

Dynamics Days Conference, Exeter, September 2015, Poster

Equadiff Conference, Lyon, France, July 2015

SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Snowbird, USA, May 2015

Dynamical Systems Reading Group, 2014

Edinburgh Tipping Points Worshop 2013, Poster