Photo of Mr Luke Tait

Mr Luke Tait



Telephone: 01392 727464

Extension: (Streatham) 7464

I am a PhD student in Mathematics based in the Living Systems Institute, a member of the University of Exeter Alzheimer’s Society Doctoral Training Centre, and associated with the EPSRC Centre for Predictive Modelling in Healthcare.

My research involves mathematical analysis and modelling of the brain at multiple scales; from individual neurons, to networks and populations of neurons. Particularly I am interested in modelling and analysis of electrophysiological data taken from both human dementia patients and animal models of dementia to understand network dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. More recently I have become involved in experimental brain slice electrophysiology, taking whole cell patch clamp recordings from animals.

This work is supervised by Dr Marc Goodfellow and Dr Jon Brown