Photo of Dr Lauri Markelin

Dr Lauri Markelin

Honorary Research Fellow


Dr Lauri Markelin is a remote sensing scientist specialized in quantitative radiometric processing of airborne and satellite imagery. As Postdoctoral research fellow at PML Lauri is currently developing atmospheric correction workflows for remote sensing data collected over coastal and inland waters. In his studies he is using both airborne hyperspectral and space borne satellite imagery. The research also includes evaluating the radiometric potential of the forthcoming Sentinel-2 satellite in case-2 water quality applications by radiative transfer simulations.

In his PhD he developed radiometric calibration, validation and correction methods for digital photogrammetric aerial cameras and images. During his studies Dr Markelin worked as a researcher at the Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI), Finland, in the Spectrophotogrammetry group. In addition to his PhD work, he was involved in developing image processing workflows (both geometric and adiometric) for hyperspectral frame images collected with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). During his career Dr Markelin has also gainedexperience in remote sensing test fields, in-situ reflectance and atmospheric reference measurements, BRDF-retrieval in laboratory and in field and computer vision algorithms for solving image exterior orientation (structure-from-motion).

Qualifications: Dr Markelin obtained his D.Sc. (Tech) degree in Photogrammetry in 2013 at Aalto University School of Engineering, following his MSc degree in mathematics in 2008.