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  • Hakim L, Mikhailov SE. (2018) A History-Dependent Cohesive Zone Model in Elastic and Visco-Elastic Materials under Constant and Variable Loading, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences.



  • Hakim L, Mikhailov SE. (2015) Numerical Implementation of a Cohesive Zone Model in History-Dependent Materials, Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, volume 68.


  • Hakim L, Mikhailov SE. (2013) Integral Equations in Cohesive Zones Modelling of Fracture in History Dependent Materials, World Congress on Enginerring - International Conference of Applied and Engineering Mathematics, International Association of Engineers.
  • Hakim L, Mikhailov SE. (2013) Cohesive Zone Models in History Dependent Materials, International Conference on Computational Mechanics 2013.


  • Hakim L, Mikhailov SE. (2011) Nonlinear Abel-Type Integral Equation in Modeling Creep Crack Propagation, Integral Methods in Science and Engineering. [PDF]

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