Prof John Terry

Research Funding

Current Active Funding

  • Innovate UK £159,710 (PI) "BioEP: Proof of Concept" (September 2018 - May 2020)
  • MRC Skills Development Fellowship £1,800,000 (PI and head of Host Leadership Team) (September 2017 - March 2020)
  • Wellcome Trust ISSF3 £1,500,000 (PI and co-director) "The Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter - The TREE" (October 2016 - September 2021)
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council £2,008,955 (PI and Director) "EPSRC Centre for Predictive Modelling in Healthcare" (January 2016 - December 2019) (joint with Professor Peter Ashwin, Professor Vadim Biktashev, Professor Peter Challenor, Dr Marc Goodfellow, Professor Stafford Lightman, Professor Mark Richardson and Professor Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova)
  • Epilepsy Research UK £149,500 (PI) "An optimal computer model for understanding focal onset epilepsies" (February 2016 - January 2019) (employs Dr Piotr Slowinski) (joint with Dr Marc Goodfellow, Professor Mark Richardson and Professor Christoph Michel)
  • Medical Research Council £2,043,890 (CI) Programme Grant: "Brain networks in epilepsy: Endophenotypes and generative models" (July 2013 - June 2018) (employs Dr George Petkov and Dr Marinho Lopes and 20% of my time) (joint with Professors Mark Richardson, Steve Williams, Gareth Barker and Deb Pal (King's College London))

Previous Funding

  • Medical Research Council Proximity to Discover £27,588 (PI) "Dynamical Disease: Intergrating mathematical modelling and machine learning for personalised healthcare" (February 2017-August 2017) (to establish a partnership with IBM - Haifa).
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council £34,896 (PI) "The sound of seizures" (January 2017 - March 2017) (an Impact Acccelerator Award to develop a performing arts piece with the Northcott Theatre)
  • Medical Research Council Confidence in Concept £49,816 (PI) "A prototype diagnostic tool for epilepsy" (June 2016 - January 2017) (employs Dr Diane Fraser)
  • Wellcome Trust ISSF2 £1,000,000 (PI and co-director) "Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis" (April 2015-March 2018)
  • Medical Research Council £2,174,800 (CI) "Characterising the mechanisms by which the HPA-axis maintains homeostasis in health and disease - a multiscale, multidisciplinary approach" (November 2012 - October 2017) (employs Dr Eder Zavala (Exeter) and Dr Francesca Spiga (Bristol) and 20% of my time) (joint with Professor Stafford Lightman (Bristol) and Professor Mike Shipston (Edinburgh))
  • Epilepsy Research UK £139,545 (PI) "Developing computer models to improve the predictive value of routine Clinical EEG" (November 2012 - January 2016) (employed Dr Helmut Schmidt) (joint with Professor Mark Richardson (King's College London)
  • BBSRC £279,362 (CI) "Hypothalamic-pituitary modulation of corticosterone pulsatility" (April 2010 - October 2012) (employed Dr Francesca Spiga (Bristol) plus 5% of my time) (joint with Professor Stafford Lightman (Bristol))
  • London Mathematical Society £5,000 (PI) "Brain Modes 2009" (December 2009) Conference grant award
  • Medical Research Council £367,948 (PI) "Seizure prevention via control of neuronal activity" (July 2008 - January 2010) (employed Dr Mohit Adhikari (Bristol) and Dr Joost Heeroma (UCL (joint with Professors Bernd Krauskopf and Mario diBernardo (Bristol), Professor Mark Richardson (King's College London) and Professor Matthew Walker (UCL))
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council £1,803,743 (CI) "Applied Nonlinear Mathematics: Making it Real" (September 2007 - August 2012) (employed 4 PDRAs, 8 PhD students, plus 10% of my time) (joint with several colleagues from Engineering Mathematics in Bristol)
  • London Mathematical Society £5,000 (CI) "European Dynamics Days 2007" (July 2007) Conference grant award
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council £222,452 (PI) "Mean field modelling of human EEG: Application to epilepsy seizure prediction" (December 2006 - August 2010) (employed Dr Serafim Rodrigues (2006-2008), Frank Marten (PhD student) plus 20% of my time) 
  • Leverhulme Trust £78,600 (PI) "Theoretical Neuroscience Network" (September 2004 - August 2008) International Network Award