Photo of Dr Jozef Skakala

Dr Jozef Skakala

Honorary Research Fellow


Jozef Skakala is by training a theoretical physicist, currently working in mathematical modelling in oceanography. Between 2014-2016 he worked at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) as a postdoctoral fellow, and from 2016 he works there as a scientific modeller.

Jozef's PhD (2011) is from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand in the area of general theory of relativity and in models of emergent gravity. Between 2011-2014 he continued doing postdoctoral research in Max Planck partner groups in Brazil and India on various problems related to semi-classical quantum effects in gravity, black holes and neutron stars among other things. During the period 2010-2014 Jozef published 17 research papers in theoretical physics international journals. Jozef subsequently re-directed his scientific attention to more practical problems in geophysics and climate science.

One of the focuses of Jozef's current research is on scale-invariance in complex (oceanographic) systems. The goal of this research is to use the symmetry of scale-invariance to find a simple multifractal probabilistic space-time model parametrizing the heterogeneity of oceanic data. This, and other Jozef's research, has consequences for a range of topics, such as: identifying important physical and biological oceanographic drivers at different scales, numerical oceanographic models evaluation and improvement, data assimilation, oceanic data mining, non-linear processes highly dependent on the field heterogeneity, determining representative scales of measurement, and more. In addition to his ongoing research, Jozef has a boader active interest in complex dynamical systems and the emergence of simplicity from complexity, data science, machine learning and other areas.