Photo of Dr James Rankin

Dr James Rankin

Maths Lecturer


Telephone: 01392 724673 or 01392 725359

Extension: (Streatham) 4673 or (Streatham) 5359

I am a Lecturer in Mathematical Biology at the University of Exeter doing research in mathematical and computational neuroscience. My research interests include dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, modelling of sensory cortex (auditory and visual), perceptual bistability and experiments in auditory perception (psychoacoustics).

Current students
Farzaneh Darki, PhD student working on "Neural dynamics of perceptual competition"
Curtis Alcock, Masters by Research student working on "Can Shannon Entropy be used to measure mishearing and isolate the impact of reduced audibility from the underlying hearing loss?"

EPSRC funded PhD positions in Computational & Mathematical Neuroscience
UK students (or students who have spent last 3 years in UK) fully funded (fees and stipend)
EU students partially funded (fees but no stipend)
International students not eligible

The neural circuitry mediating multisensory integration in Platynereis larvae
Supervisors: Dr James Rankin and Prof Gáspár Jékely (Living Systems Institute, Exeter)

Cortical network models to understand differential input response properties during active and silent states
Supervisors: Dr James Rankin and Dr Mick Craig (Medical School, Exeter)

Determination of parameter dependencies across diverse populations of neuronal and excitable cells
Supervisors: Dr James Rankin and Dr Joel Tabak (Medical School, Exeter)