Photo of Ms Congping Lin

Ms Congping Lin

Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 727466

Extension: (Streatham) 7466

My research interests are mainly in building mathematical models to understand dynamics arsing in living systems. My current project is to understand the mechanisms by which bi-directional transport of early endosomes (EEs) is established throughout an entire U. maydis hyphal cell, working with Prof. Peter Ashwin and Prof. Gero Steinberg on a BBSRC grant. I started to work on modelling organelle transport in my PhD project (2009-2012) in University of Exeter. Currenly, I am also interested in dynamics of networks, for example on endoplasmic reticulum network, we try to quantify its structure and model its dynamics.

I am also interested in low-dimensional piecewise continuous maps, where the chaos is due to the discontinuities in the system, rather than to positive Lyapunov exponents or positive entropy.