Dr Claire Foullon

Proleptic Senior Lecturer - STFC Advanced Fellow in Heliophysics


Telephone: 01392 725653

Extension: (Streatham) 5653

Harrison Building, Room: H216a
Streatham Campus 


College PhD Studentship in Heliophysics (start 22nd September 2014 - for 3.5 years) available for research on ‘Multi-spacecraft investigations of solar and heliospheric plasmas’.

FAQ for prospective applicant (please read before you apply):

What to include in the application? To apply, you must complete the online web form. You will be asked to submit some personal details and upload a full CV, covering letter and details of two academic referees. Most referees send their references by email (to a non-subject specific address, pg-ad@exeter.ac.uk). Please inform your referees and upload the names of your referees on the electronic form. Your covering letter should outline your academic interests, prior research experience and reasons for wishing to undertake this project. In addition, please upload copies of your undergraduate degree transcript(s) giving information about the qualification awarded, the modules taken during the study period, and the marks for each module taken.

What are the skills required in the project? The project will investigate plasma and dynamical properties of magnetic structures in the solar corona and in the solar wind, by developing and exploiting multi-spacecraft data analysis of remote and in-situ observations. If you are shortlisted, the interview is generally a good time for discussing possible directions and focus in the project.

The first year of the studentship includes a substantial programme of training. The PhD student will choose from a range of taught modules, and participate in academic and personal development skills-based workshops, together with creativity events and conference-style meetings. Students will also be expected to disseminate their results to the international community via high-impact publications and international conferences.

What is the level of qualifications expected? At least a 2:1 Honours degree or, better, first class 4th year degree, or equivalent, in Maths, Physics, Natural Sciences or other numerate discipline. I refer to the entry requirements; the type of degree is not specified, however typical applicants have a Masters degree, which helps to demonstrate knowledge of research methodology and subject area. Any relevant personal or professional experience to demonstrate relevant knowledge will be needed for a BSc applicant to stand out due to the high level of competition.


My Profile: I am a senior lecturer with over 10 years research experience in solar and space physics and I currently hold a prestigious and personal research fellowship. I have acquired my research experience and studied while residing in England, Belgium, Scotland, and prior to that France.

I study our solar-terrestrial environment. I work with remote and in-situ multi-spacecraft data revealing properties measured on the Sun or in space, and I combine observations and data analysis with magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) theory. My research goal is to understand instabilities, governed by magnetized flows, common to space, solar and astrophysical plasma environments, and to develop the framework for space weather applications.

Research Interests: Solar system, geo-, astro- and space plasma physics, combining theory, observations and data analysis:
- Remote and in-situ multi-spacecraft data analysis of solar-terrestrial plasmas;
- Magnetospheric physics, e.g. Pc5 pulsations, boundary layers and solar wind plasma entry;
- Solar physics, e.g. theory of MHD waves and interpretation of coronal waves and instabilities;
- Space weather and Sun-Earth Connections.

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences (EMPS)
Centre for Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (CGAFD)
North Park Road
University of Exeter
Exeter EX4 4QF,
United Kingdom