In addition to having frequent research meetings, we also come together for regular seminars given by visiting statisticians from the UK and overseas. If you would like to come and give a seminar please contact our seminar organiser – Dr Danny Williamson.

Thursday 15 Nov 2018Statistical Science - TBC

Dr Claudia Neves - University of Reading

H101 14:30-15:30

Thursday 22 Nov 2018Statistical Science - To be confirmed

Philip Jonathan - Shell

H101 14:30-15:30

Thursday 06 Dec 2018Statistical Science -TBC

Dr Hailiang Du - Durham University

H101 14:30-15:30

Thursday 17 Jan 2019Statistical Science- TBC

Prof Obi Ukoumunne - University of Exeter

H101 14:30-15:30

Thursday 28 Feb 2019Statistical Science- TBC

Prof Owen Jones - Cardiff University

H101 14:30-15:30

Thursday 14 Mar 2019Statistical science - TBC

Prof Henry Wynn - LSE

H101 14:30-15:30