The good thing about being a statistician, is that you get to play in everyone’s backyard.

John Tukey

Our research addresses real world problems and is useful to many important organisations, particularly those with interests in weather and climate and medicine. We have strong working collaborations and partnerships with organisations such as:


Met Office
National Centre for Statistical Ecology
National Oceaography Centre
Willis Research Network






Specific examples of research with real world impact that we have undertaken:

  •  Quantifying the effects of greenspace and mental health in London. Joint work with Dr Nicholas Osborne at the The European Centre for Environment & Human Health. [Link]
  • Estimation of transmission rates of Salmonella in animal herds. Joint work with Dr Carla Gomes at Scotland's Rural College. [Link]

Exeter Initiative for Statistics and Applications (ExIStA)

ExIStA was founded in 2011 as a regional focus for statistical expertise. It is led by Prof Steve Brooks who is an honorary Professor at the University of Exeter and CEO of Select Statistics. ExIStA aims to bring together statisticians working within the University and within local public and private sector organisations. The Initiative runs a range of events in order to raise awareness of the use and value of advanced statistical methods, to support statisticians and users of statistics in continuing to develop and apply their skills, and to foster and promote inter-disciplinary statistical activity. It currently has more than 100 members from across the University and more than 300 members from a wide range of local organisations.