Funded EPSRC Seed Corn Projects - Spring 2020

Seedcorn projects run for six months. Spring 2020 (Round 5) projects are listed below.


UEMS - University of Exeter Medical School

CLES - College of Life and Environmental Sciences

CEMPS - College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

NHS - National Health Service

CSMQB - Institute of Metabolism and Systems Resarch, University of Birmingham


Lead Academic Co-Investigators Centre Fellow(s) Artist in ResidenceProject title 
Ben Gibbison

Eder Zavala (CSMQB)

Jamie Walker (CEMPS)

Stafford Lightman (BRISTOL)

Gianni Angelini (BRISTOL)

Danny Galvis Pietro Bardini Uncovering the links between stress hormones and inflammatory mediators during and after cardiac surgery
Susan Mollan

John Terry (CSMQB)

Wes Woldman (CSMQB)

Alexandra Sinclair (BIRM)

Leandro Junges

Mellissa Fisher Predicting, with Optical Coherence Tomography, Papilloedema – the POP study group
David Smith

Zaki Hassan-Smith (BIRM)

Neil Gittoes (BIRM)

Meurig Gallagher Vicky Roden Precision Antithyroid Therapy 
Fabian Spill

Peter Ashwin (CEMPS)

Melani Madhani (BIRM)

Daniel Tennant (BIRM)

Tanya Zerenner   Impact of spatio-temporal deregulation of mitochondria on cell death in acute myocardial infarction
Peter Tino

Georgina Russell (BIRM)

Thomas Upton (BRISTOL)

Stafford Lightman (BRISTOL)

Eder Zavala (CSMQB)

Yuan Shen (BIRM)

Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova (CEMPS)

Diane Fraser

Xinyue Chen

  Understanding dynamic steroid biosynthesis in health and disease through machine learning in the space of mechanistic models
Kyle Wedgwood David Hodson (BIRM) Isabella Marinelli Carol Breen Beta cell heterogeneity: the benefits of a diverse workforce