Funded EPSRC Seed Corn Projects - Spring 2018

Seedcorn projects run for six months. April 2018 - October 2018 (Round 3) projects are listed below.

Principal investigator(s)Co-InvestigatorPhD student or Research Fellow(s)Project title
Dr Mino Belle Dr Casey Diekman, Dr Jamie Walker Dr Leandro Junges, Dr Francesca Spiga Contribution of GABAergic signalling in the daily electrical excitability of suprachiasmatic nuclei circadian clock neurons
Professor William Henley Dr Venura Perera, Professor Chris Hyde Dr Margaritis Voliotis Dynamic risk prediction models for patients in primary care – pilot study
Dr David Llewellyn

Professor William Hamilton, Professor Richard Everson, Professor Edward Keedwell, Dr Sarah Moore, Professor Jonathan Fieldsend

Dr Diane Fraser, Dr Ben Evans Machine learning to optimise DECODE dementia identification clinical software