Events and activities

The following events and activities are associated with the Centre:

Group seminars

Every week we hold relaxed seminars in which researchers from a diverse range of mathermatical, biomedical and biological fields present their research. These seminars are designed to promote discussion, foster interdisciplinary links and build collaborations. Presentations are given by researchers in John Terry's research group, and other invited speakers.

Group seminars generally take place on Thursdays at 16:00 and are open to anybody that wishes to join us. Take a look at the seminar schedule for more information.

Weekly group catch ups

Every Thursday at 10:00 members of the Centre gather with a wider team of colleagues in the Living Systems Institute's Weston Exchange Hub for an informal catch up. We warmly welcome others to these catch ups, which offer a great opportunity to drop by and have a chat with us about our work. Please feel free to come along and join us.