Events and activities

The following events and activities are associated with the Centre:


10 April 2018: Brain Networks and Neurological Disorders: from Theory to Clinic

This one-day workshop will explore the role of brain networks in neurological disorders, with a focus on the latest advances in dynamic network models, data analysis and clinical applications.

Network theory is increasingly becoming a key mathematical framework to drive understanding of the brain. This new field promises to unveil the mechanisms through which the brain functions, and how neurological disorders may in turn evolve by studying the breakdown of these fundamental mechanisms. This research has the potential to revolutionize not only healthcare, but also artificial intelligence.

The workshop will feature four keynote speakers:

  • Prof Christophe Bernard, PhysioNet Team Leader at Inserm, Aix-Marseille Université
  • Prof Stephan van Gils, Chair for Nonlinear Analysis in the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Twente
  • Dr Andre Peterson, Department of Medicine, St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Christian Rummel, Support Center for Advanced Neuroimaging (SCAN), University of Bern

There is also the opportunity for participants to deliver an oral presentation or take part in a poster session.

For more information and to register to attend please visit the event webpage.


12-13 April 2018: BioDynamics 2018

Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London

BioDynamics is a thriving forum which brings together biologists, mathematicians, clinicians, physicists, and computer scientists who are interested in dynamics and networks in the biological and medical sciences. Our aim is to foster ground-breaking new research in the emerging fields of systems biology and systems medicine.  We have held a series of highly stimulating and extremely successful meetings over past years. The next meeting will be brought to you by colleagues from King’s College London.

Biodynamics 2018

Dynamic phenomena are ubiquitous in biological systems and span multiple, interacting spatiotemporal scales. There is growing appreciation that quantifying them accurately will lead to deeper insights into human disease and even inspire novel therapies - but doing so is challenging, and will likely need innovative cross-disciplinary approaches and tools. 

BioDynamics 2018 will showcase some of the very best cross-disciplinary research in this rapidly expanding field, with a focus on how the study of biological dynamics, and the mechanistic understanding it provides, can be used for clinical translation and patient-specific therapeutics. Talks will range from microscopic scales – how molecular dynamics influence disease phenotypes – to macroscopic scales – how neural, humoral and cardiovascular dynamics affect human health and disease.

For more information on the programme, fees, abstracts and how to register, please visit the Biodynamics 2018 host website.


Biomedical Modelling Seminars

Every week we hold relaxed seminars in which researchers from a diverse range of mathermatical, biomedical and biological fields present their research. These seminars are designed to promote discussion, foster interdisciplinary links and build collaborations. Presentations are given by researchers in John Terry's research group, and other invited speakers.

Group seminars generally take place in the Living Systems Institute seminar rooms on Thursdays at 14:30-15:30 and are open to anybody that wishes to join us.


Weekly group catch ups

Every Thursday at 10:00 members of the Centre gather with a wider team of colleagues in the Living Systems Institute's Weston Exchange Hub for an informal catch up. We warmly welcome others to these catch ups, which offer a great opportunity to drop by and have a chat with us about our work. Please feel free to come along and join us.