Dynamical Systems

The mathematical theory of dynamical systems is mature and vital part of modern mathematics, where new theoretical developments have been inspired by applications, just as new developments in pure mathematics have quickly found dynamical applications. Because of this, this area forms a strong bridge between pure and applied mathematics. Research undertaken at the centre is at the forefront of developing and applying new mathematical results in a range of applications. Specific areas of active research in the centre include:

Chaotic and deterministic behaviour, Bifurcation theory, Ergodic theory, Differential equations, Dynamics with symmetries.

Academic staff in mathematics with research interests in this area include:

Professor Peter Ashwin Bifurcation theory and ergodic approaches to chaotic systems, symmetry
Dr Christian Bick Coupled and network dynamical systems
Professor Vadim N Biktashev Singular perturbation theory for PDEs and dynamical systems
Professor Mark Holland Statistical properties of chaotic attractors, extremes
Dr Ana Rodrigues Low-dimensional dynamics, ergodic theory, systems with symmetry
Professor Jan Sieber Bifurcation theory, continuation, delay differential equations
Dr Dalia Terhesiu Ergodic theory, dynamical systems, probability theory

For more information, contact Professor Peter Ashwin.