The College has recently completed the major expansion and upgrading of undergraduate computer facilities


We offer excellent teaching and research resources. Postgraduates have access to our fully-equipped research centres,comprehensive laboratories, workshops and excellent computer facilities based around a Unix/Linux system networked to the University computer system. We offer wireless networking and have our own parallel machine and access to the University’s EPSRC-funded IBM supercomputer SP3 system which is used, for example, by students modelling astrophysical and geophysical fluid flows. The College has a new study area with core texts for programmes, individual rooms for study groups to meet, and wireless connection for laptops and LCD TVs to display presentations.

The working environment for postgraduate students is friendly and welcoming: each research student has a desk in a shared or open plan office equipped with a networked computer terminal. We provide training in research methodology and in relevant computer software, bibliographical resourcing and mathematical word-processing, and offer access to state-of-the art facilities for remote collaboration and advanced PhD training via the APTS and MAGIC consortia.

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