Monday 05 Nov 2018Dynamics Seminar: Minimal model of intestinal glucose absorption through oral challenge

Hedi Soula - Pierre and Marie Curie University - Paris 6

H103 14:30-15:30

Monday 29 Oct 2018Dynamics Seminar: Fundamental neuroscience findings in multisensory perception applied? for stroke patients

Raymond van Ee -

LSI Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30

Thursday 25 Oct 2018NT Seminar: The generalized Gauss circle problem

Dr David Lowry-Duda - University of Warwick

H103 14:30-16:30

Tuesday 16 Oct 2018Moisture Transport by extra-tropical cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere

Victoria Sinclair - University of Helsinki

Harrison 170 11:00-12:00

Thursday 11 Oct 2018NT Seminar: My converse theorem obsession

Prof. Andrew Booker - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Wednesday 10 Oct 2018Mapping the Chromospheric Resonance Cavity above Sunspots

Dr. Ben Snow - University of Exeter

Harrison 170 13:30-15:30

Thursday 04 Oct 2018Maths Colloquium

Prof John Rinzel - New York University

H103 14:30-15:30

Thursday 27 Sep 2018NT Seminar: On a conjecture of Esnault and Langer

Damian Rossler - University of Oxford

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 27 Sep 2018Statistical Science seminar- From Bayesian Theory to Practice: Opportunities and Challenges

Prof Kerrie Mengersen - Queensland University of Technology

H101 14:30-15:30

Monday 24 Sep 2018Entangled fields emerging from the sun

Dr Chris Prior - Durham University

H103 14:30-16:30

Saturday 22 Sep 2018Soapbox Science Exeter: Free public talks - POSTPONED to 29 Sept

Exeter scientists -

Princesshay Square, Central Exeter 13:00-16:00

Monday 20 Aug 2018Applications of hybrid seasonal forecasts

Erik Kolstad - Uni Research/Bjerknes Centre, Norway

H170 11:00-12:00

Thursday 21 Jun 2018Bootstrap Estimation Methods for Costationarity Time Series

Alessandro Cardinali - University of Plymouth

Laver building LT6 (6th Floor) 14:30-15:30

Tuesday 05 Jun 2018Swan's theorem and Iwasawa theory

Andreas Nickel - Universitat Duisburg-Essen

Washington Singer 219 15:00-16:00

Thursday 24 May 2018Gravity waves in a moist atmosphere: a mechanistic picture

Joy Monteiro - Stockholm University

H170 14:30-15:30

Monday 14 May 2018The dynamics of the 2013/14 winter extremes in the UK and North America

Peter Watson - University of Oxford

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00

Tuesday 17 Apr 2018Global fire air pollution weakens terrestrial ecosystem productivity

Xu Yue - Institute of Atmospheric Physics

H170 11:00-12:00

Thursday 29 Mar 2018Mathematics Colloquium (CANCELLED)

Professor Andrew Granville - UCL

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 19 Mar 2018Dynamics Seminar: Chimera States for Delay Differential Equations

Stefan Ruschel - TU Berlin

LSI Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30

Thursday 15 Mar 2018Joint Astrophysics/GAFD Seminar (**CANCELLED**)

Prof. Gordon Ogilvie - University of Cambridge

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 12 Mar 2018Dynamics Seminar: Anomalous diffusion in billiards with cusps

Ian Melbourne - University of Warwick

H103 14:30-15:30

Thursday 08 Mar 2018Elliptic p-units and the equivariant Tamagawa Number Conjecture

Martin Hofer - Mathematisches Institut der Universitat Munchen

H103 14:30-16:30

Tuesday 06 Mar 2018Statistical Science seminar- Birgir Hrafnkelsson

Birgir Hrafnkelsson - University of Iceland

H101 09:00-17:00

Monday 05 Mar 2018Dynamics Seminar: The effects of Structural Perturbations on the dynamics of Networks

Camille Poignard - University of Sao Paulo

LSI Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30


Daniel Macias Castillo - Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

H103 14:30-16:30

Friday 23 Feb 2018On some R-matrices related to braces and Hopf-Galois extensions

Agata Smoktunowicz - University of Edinburgh

H254 14:00-14:30

Thursday 22 Feb 2018Number Theory Seminar: CANCELLED

Paul Truman - Keele University

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 15 Feb 2018Randomness in arithmetic problems and dynamics

Prof. Alex Gorodnik - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 08 Feb 2018Forest canopy - boundary layer flows over heterogeneous terrain

Prof. Andrew Ross - University of Leeds

H101 14:30-16:30

Thursday 08 Feb 2018Dynamics of Learning in Game Theory

Sofia Castro - University of Porto

LSI seminar room A 13:30-14:30

Wednesday 07 Feb 2018Inspiring Science Lectures Series - Blowing in the wind: the mathematics of dispersion

Professor Jacques Vanneste - University of Edinburgh

Harrison 103 13:30-14:30

Thursday 01 Feb 2018Radical rings, braces and the Yang-Baxter equation

Leandro Vendramin - Universidad de Buenos Aires

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 25 Jan 2018NT Seminar: Rational points in families of varieties

Daniel Loughran - University of Manchester

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 25 Jan 2018Statistical Science seminar- No Such Thing as Missing Data

Dr Daniel Farewell - Cardiff University

H101 14:30-15:30

Monday 22 Jan 2018Dynamics Seminar: Programming DNA circuits

Neil Dalchau - Microsoft Research

LSI Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30

Thursday 18 Jan 2018NT Seminar: The Function Field Sathe-Selberg Formula - CANCELLED

Ardavan Afshar - University College London (UCL)

H101 15:30-16:30

Friday 12 Jan 2018Dynamics Seminar: TBC

Stefan Rueschel - Berlin

H103 14:30-15:30

Thursday 07 Dec 2017The m-step solvable anabelian geometry of number fields

Professor Mohamed Saidi - University of Exeter

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 07 Dec 2017Statistical Science seminar

Dr Vincent Van Hees - eScience centre

Forum Exploration Lab 1 14:30-16:30

Thursday 30 Nov 2017Paramodularity of abelian surfaces

Tobias Berger - University of Sheffield

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 13 Nov 2017Tidal flows in extrasolar planets

Dr. Adrian Barker - University of Leeds

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 13 Nov 2017Dynamics Seminar: Clustered ventilation defects in asthma

Graham Donovan - Auckland

LSI Seminar Room B 14:30-15:30

Thursday 09 Nov 2017Slope filtrations of $F$-isocrystals and logarithmic decay

Joe Kramer-Miller - University College London (UCL)

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 09 Nov 2017To be confirmed

Carlos Diaz -

H101 14:30-16:30

Thursday 02 Nov 2017Thin sets are (sometimes) thin

Professor Tim Browning - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 30 Oct 2017Dynamics-radiation interactions in the tropical tropopause layer

Prof. Peter Haynes - University of Cambridge

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 26 Oct 2017Scars for wave functions of a point scatterer on the torus

Steve Lester - Queen Mary University of London

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 16 Oct 2017Dynamics Seminar: Modelling Microtubule Rings in Gliding Assays

Simon Pearce - Manchester

LSI Seminar Room B 14:30-15:30

Thursday 12 Oct 2017Some remarks on arithmetic gauge theory

Professor Minhyong Kim - University of Oxford

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 09 Oct 2017Dynamics Seminar: The boundary of chaos

Sofia Trejo - Imperial

H103 14:30-15:30

Monday 02 Oct 2017Dynamics Seminar: The whence and whither of a simplified model of an auditory neuron

Dan Goodman - Imperial College London

LSI Seminar Room B 14:30-15:30

Friday 29 Sep 2017Dynamics Seminar: Complex Systems Approach to Atrial Fibrillation

Hiroshi Ashikaga - John Hopkins, Baltimore

LSI Seminar Room B 14:30-15:30

Tuesday 26 Sep 2017Angles of Gaussian primes

Prof. Zeev Rudnick - Tel-Aviv University

H203 14:30-16:30

Monday 24 Jul 2017Arctic sea ice sensitivity to global warming in climate models

Erica Rosenblum - Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego

H170 10:30-11:30

Thursday 13 Jul 2017The Hot, Magnetic and Happening Solar Atmosphere

Prof. Durgesh Tripathi - IUCAA, India

H170 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 07 Jun 2017Pseudocenters for Fuchsian tessellations

Montserrat Alsina - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and University of Bristol

H171 14:30-15:30

Monday 22 May 2017Explicit estimates on prime numbers

Tim Trudgian - UNSW Canberra

H209 14:30-16:30

Monday 22 May 2017Dynamics Seminar: Solitary states for coupled oscillators

Yuri Maistrenko - Kiev

LSI Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30

Monday 08 May 2017Linkages between Gulf Stream cyclogenesis and El Nio

Nils Gunnar Kvamsto - University of Bergen

H170 10:00-11:30

Friday 05 May 2017The Global Carbon Cycle in ACCESS-ESM1

Tilo Ziehn - CSIRO, Australia

Harrison 170 10:30-11:30

Wednesday 19 Apr 2017Understanding the role of internal variability in climate change

Prof. David Thompson - Colorado State University

H215 10:00-12:00

Thursday 30 Mar 2017Arithmetic statistics in function fields

Edva Roditty-Gershon - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 30 Mar 2017Statistical Science Seminar: Model Discrepancy

Professor Michael Goldstein - Durham University

H101 15:00-16:00

Monday 27 Mar 2017Planetary core flows driven by libration

Dr Stijn Vantieghem - Coventry University

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 27 Mar 2017Dynamics Seminar: Oxidative stress in diabetes: Cause, consequence, or both?

Pranay Goel - Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune

LSI Seminar Room A 16:00-17:00

Thursday 23 Mar 2017First year CGAFD PhD student talks

Gareth Hawkes and Georgie Long - University of Exeter

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 16 Mar 2017Valuations of p-adic regulators of cubic cyclic fields

Tommy Hofmann - Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 16 Mar 2017Dynamics Seminar: Glycolytic Oscillations, Insulin Pulsatility, and Regime Change

Richard Bertram - Florida State University

Living Systems Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30

Monday 06 Mar 2017The practice and promise of economic simulation (Mathematics Colloquium)

Prof. Doyne Farmer - Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford

H103 14:30-15:30

Thursday 02 Mar 2017 On the Gross-Stark conjecture

Mahesh Kakde - King's College

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 27 Feb 2017Waves in the Earth's core (Joint Astrophysics/GAFD seminar)

Prof. Chris Jones - University of Leeds

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 16 Feb 2017Solving xz=y^2 in certain subsets of finite groups

Tom Sanders - University of Oxford

H101 14:30-16:30

Thursday 09 Feb 2017Multiplicative functions over function fields

Oleksiy Klurman - University College London

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 09 Feb 2017Dynamics Seminar: Heteroclinic Networks in Dynamical Networks

Mike Field - Imperial

Living Systems Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30

Monday 06 Feb 2017Dynamos in rotating convection

Dr Paul Bushby - Newcastle University

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 26 Jan 2017On the critical values of random spherical harmonics

Valentina Cammarota - King's College

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 26 Jan 2017Dynamics Seminar: Rock-paper-scissors, spiralling patterns & bacterial games

Mauro Mobilia - Leeds University

Living Systems Seminar Room A 15:30-16:30

Thursday 19 Jan 2017Zeros of Automorphic L-Functions

Thomas Oliver - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 16 Jan 2017An accelerating high-latitude jet in Earth's core

Prof. Phil Livermore - University of Leeds

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 12 Jan 2017Dynamics Seminar: Growing Planar Metapatterns

David Lloyd - University of Surrey

Living Systems Seminar Room A 14:30-16:30

Thursday 15 Dec 2016Dynamics seminar: A New Theory of Lane Selection on Highways

Prof. Eddie Wilson - University of Bristol

H101 14:30-16:30

Monday 12 Dec 2016Dynamics seminar: Diversity of flagellate swimming gaits

Kirsty Wan - University of Cambridge

LSI Seminar Room 14:30-16:30

Thursday 08 Dec 2016Topics in the modelling and simulation of two-phase flows

Dr Lennon O'Naraigh - University College Dublin

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 08 Dec 2016Cyclotomic Units and Greenberg's Conjecture

Filippo Majno di Capriglio - Universite de Saint-Etienne

H101 14:30-16:30

Thursday 01 Dec 2016Sup norms of Maass forms of powerful level

Abhishek Saha - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 01 Dec 2016Statistical Science Seminar: Extreme events of Markov chains

Ioannis Papastathopoulos - Edinburgh University

H101 14:30-16:30

Thursday 17 Nov 2016Scarring of Quasimodes on Hyperbolic Manifolds

Suresh Eswarathasan - Cardiff University

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 14 Nov 2016Tsunamis: the contrast between elevation and depression waves

Prof. Roger Grimshaw - University of Exeter

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 10 Nov 2016The logarithmic point is an Eilenberg-MacLane space

Valentina Di Proietto - University of Exeter

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 07 Nov 2016Parallel in Time Simulation with Oscillatory Stiffness

Adam Peddle - University of Exeter

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 03 Nov 2016On sets of irreducible polynomials closed by composition

Giacomo Micheli - University of Oxford

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 06 Oct 2016Scalar description of three-dimensional flows of incompressible fluid

Prof Yury Stepanyants - University of Southern Queensland, Australia

H101 15:30-16:30

Wednesday 05 Oct 2016What if... Euler had been a Bayesian Statistician?

Mark Girolami - University of Warwick and The Alan Turing Institute for Data Science

Rolle 116 (Plymouth University) 14:00-15:00

Tuesday 28 Jun 2016Dynamics seminar: Stability and Control of Positive Dynamical Systems

Prof. Stuart Townley - University of Exeter

H209 10:30-12:30

Friday 24 Jun 2016Dynamics seminar: Spiral wave chaos: tiling, local symmetries, and asymptotic freedom

Christopher Marcotte - Georgia Institute of Technology

H101 14:30-16:30

Tuesday 14 Jun 2016Dynamics seminar: Area transport in orientation preserving piecewise isometries

Professor Arek Goetz - San Francisco State University

H209 14:30-16:30

Thursday 26 May 2016Dynamics seminar: Isochrons: their theory, computation and applications

Prof. Hinke Osinga - University of Aukland

Queens LT1 14:30-16:30

Wednesday 25 May 2016Workshop on fast-slow systems

Bernd Krauskopf, Vadim Biktashev, Hinke Osinga - Universities of Auckland and Exeter

Harrison LT04 14:00-17:00

Friday 06 May 2016TBC

Dirk Pflueger -

Harrison 171 14:30-16:00

Tuesday 03 May 2016Magnetohydrodynamic Waves in the Atmosphere of the Sun (GAFD Seminar)

Dr Erwin Verwichte - University of Warwick

Laver LT6 14:30-16:00

Friday 22 Apr 2016Workshop on synchronization and oscillators with generalized coupling

Multiple presenters -

Harrison Building, Streatham Campus 09:30-13:00

Thursday 21 Apr 2016Workshop on synchronization and oscillators with generalized coupling

Multiple presenters -

Harrison Building, Streatham Campus 09:30-17:00

Wednesday 20 Apr 2016Workshop on synchronization and oscillators with generalized coupling

Multiple presenters -

Harrison Building, Streatham Campus 12:00-16:30

Friday 08 Apr 2016The effects of terrain length scales on cold-air pooling processes

Dr. Paul Burns - University College Dublin

H209  13:30-14:30

Monday 04 Apr 2016Some problems on cyclic extensions

James Quah - Singapore

H102 14:30-15:30

Thursday 24 Mar 2016Joys of Convective Stars and Their Magnetic Dynamos (Joint Astrophysics & GAFD Seminar)

Prof. Juri Toomre - JILA & Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

H101 14:30-16:00

Tuesday 22 Mar 2016Moments of Dirichlet polynomials and random matrix theory

Winston Heap - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

H101 14:30-15:30

Monday 21 Mar 20163D Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles (GAFD Seminar)

Dr Silvia Dalla - University of Central Lancashire

H103 14:30-16:00

Monday 07 Mar 2016Dynamics seminar - Mathematics Arising from Stent Implantation

Prof. Sean McKee - University of Strathclyde

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 15 Feb 2016Where can your Maths degree take you?

Exeter Alumni Speakers -

(HAR 101) 14:30-15:30

Thursday 04 Feb 2016Statistical Science Seminar: TBA

Daniel Simpson - University of Bath

H101 14:30-16:00

Monday 25 Jan 2016Developing Your Networks

Met Office and Handelsbanken -

(HAR 101) 14:30-16:30

Wednesday 20 Jan 2016Making Valid Inferences in Observational Studies using Propensity Score Analysis

Dr Michael A Posner - Villanova University

Room 115, Rolle Building, Plymouth University 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 20 Jan 2016Extracting Information from Social Media using R

Julian Stander - Plymouth University

Fitzroy Building 205, Plymouth University 14:00-15:00

Tuesday 19 Jan 2016Mock Interviews

E3 Consulting -

Harrison Foyer Meeting Room  09:00-12:00

Monday 07 Dec 2015Statistical distance and geodesics in non-equilibrium systems (GAFD Seminar)

Dr Eun-Jin Kim - The University of Sheffield

Harrison 103 14:30-16:00

Friday 04 Dec 2015AG dynamics seminar: Eaton lenses, pseudo-integrable billiards and genericity along curves

Corinna Ulcigrai - University of Bristol

Kay Building, St Johns 15:00-16:00

Thursday 03 Dec 2015Statistical Science Seminar: "TB or not TB?"

TJ McKinley - University of Exeter (Cornwall Campus)

H101 14:30-16:30

Thursday 03 Dec 2015Counting designs

Peter Keevash (Oxford) -

H103 14:30-15:30

Wednesday 02 Dec 2015Bayesian Copula Modelling in the Presence of Covariates

Julian Stander - Plymouth University

RLB209, Plymouth University 14:00-15:00

Monday 23 Nov 2015Earth System Model Evaluation with Observations to Constrain Future Climate Projections (Maths Colloquium)

Prof Veronika Eyring - Institute of Atmospheric Physics, DLR, Germany

Harrison 103 14:30-16:00

Thursday 19 Nov 2015Dynamics seminar: Lucia Marucci

Lucia Marucci - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 09 Nov 2015Almost sure continuity along curves traversing the Mandelbrot set

Michael Benedicks - KTH Stockholm

*** Harrison 209 *** 14:30-15:30

Friday 06 Nov 2015Dynamical Climate Perturbations and the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem (GAFD/Climate seminar)

Prof. Alan Plumb - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (visiting University of Reading)

H170 14:00-15:00

Thursday 05 Nov 2015Statistical Science Seminar: Regional Climate Modelling: Artifacts and Added Value

John Scinocca - Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis

H101 14:30-16:30

Thursday 05 Nov 2015Special values of L-functions in automorphic period integrals

Andrew Corbett - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 29 Oct 2015Dynamics seminar: Numerical Bifurcation Analysis of a model of joint action

Prof. Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova - University of Exeter

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 22 Oct 2015 p-adic measures of Hermitian modular forms

Athanasios Bouganis - University of Durham

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 01 Oct 2015Dynamics seminar: Periodic solutions of a delayed Van der Pol oscillator

Gabor Kiss - Bolyai Institute, University of Szeged, Hungary

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 28 Sep 2015Convective instabilities in evolving systems (GAFD Seminar)

Dr Oliver Kerr - City University

Harrison 103 14:30-16:00

Monday 28 Sep 2015Recent developments in the quantification of aerosol radiative forcing

Nicolas Bellouin - University of Reading

Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies IAIS Building/ Room: LT2 10:00-11:00

Wednesday 23 Sep 2015Information, Leadership & Social Media

Professor Philip Habel - University of Glasgo

Amory 417, University of Exeter 14:20-16:00

Tuesday 01 Sep 2015GAFD Seminar

Prof Tsutomu Kambe - Former Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan.

Laver LT6 10:30-12:00

Tuesday 30 Jun 2015IHR Health Stats Seminar: Using Real Word Evidence in Health Technology Assessment Decision Making

Professor Keith R Abrams - Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

JS07 Smeall Building, St Luke's Campus 11:00-12:00

Friday 19 Jun 2015Empirical validation of conceptual climate models

Charles D Camp - California Polytechnic State University

Harrison 170 11:00-12:00

Monday 18 May 2015Colloquium: Negative ions and photoelectrons in the Saturn system

Prof Andrew Coates - Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL

Harrison 004 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 29 Apr 2015Mathematics of Cause, Waves as Particles, and Mending Broken Hearts

Prof Vadim Biktashev - University of Exeter

HAR/004 17:15-19:30

Monday 20 Apr 2015Particle displacements by swimming organisms

Jean-Luc Thiffeault - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Monday 30 Mar 2015Effective Boundary Conditions for Semi-Open Dispersive Systems

Lyuba Chumakova - University of Edinburgh

Harrison 170 11:00-12:00

Friday 27 Mar 2015Palaeo climate sensitivity - state dependent, non-linear, unpredictable?

Anna S. von der Heydt - Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Harrison 209 13:00-14:00

Thursday 26 Mar 2015Forecasters dilemma: Extreme events and forecast evaluation

Sebastian Lerch - Institute for Applied Mathematics, Heidelberg University

H170 15:00-16:00

Thursday 26 Mar 2015Dynamics of Coupled Phase Oscillators with Generalized Coupling

Christian Bick - University of Exeter

Harrison 102 16:00-17:00

Monday 23 Mar 2015Brumer's conjecture and generalisations

Andreas Nickel - Bielefeld

H103 15:00-16:00

Friday 20 Mar 2015Stratified shear turbulence: Application to overflows and gravity currents

Robert Ecke - Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Harrison 106 14:00-15:00

Thursday 19 Mar 2015Statistical Science seminar

Leighton Regayre - Leeds University

H101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 19 Mar 2015Elliptic Curves over Real Quadratic Fields are Modular

Samir Siksek - University of Warwick

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 12 Mar 2015SDAC seminar : Asynchronous Networks and Event Driven Dynamics.

Prof Mike Field - Imperial College London

H103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 12 Mar 2015Double standard maps

Ana Rodrigues - University of Exeter

Harrison 102 16:00-17:00

Thursday 05 Mar 2015On the homotopy exact sequence for the algebraic fundamental group

Valentina di Proietto - Strasbourg

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Monday 02 Mar 2015IHR Health Stats Seminar: Randomised Controlled Trials for Depression in Primary Care

Professor Tim Peters - Professor of Primary Care Health Services Research and Head of School, University of Bristol

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, University of Exeter Salmon Pool Lane, Exeter EX2 4SG 14:00-15:00

Thursday 26 Feb 2015Colloquium: Can frequencies be predicted from mean fields?

Prof Laurette Tuckermann - PMMH France

H103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 26 Feb 2015Cold extremes in North America vs. mild weather in Europe: the winter 2013/2014 in the context of a warming world

Geert Jan van Oldenborgh - KNMI, De Bilt, Netherlands

Constantine Leventis room, Building One 11:00-12:00

Thursday 19 Feb 2015The plectic Taniyama group

Chris Blake - University of Cambridge

H103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 05 Feb 2015On modular representations of p-adic groups

Shaun Stevens - University of East Anglia

H101 15:00-16:00

Monday 02 Feb 2015Storms - the weather god's game of dice

David Stephenson - University of Exeter

Exeter Phoenix 20:30-22:00

Thursday 29 Jan 2015SDAC seminar : Modelling per1-neurons in the SCN

Prof. Paul Glendinning - University of Manchester

H103 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 27 Jan 2015Average ranks of curves

Tim Dokchitser - Bristol

Harrison 101 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 21 Jan 2015Bayesian Hierarchical Mixture Modelling

Professor Petros Dellaportas - Athens University of Economics and Business, and University College London

RL206, Plymouth University 14:00-16:00

Monday 12 Jan 2015Dynamics and Thermodynamics effects on Cloud Feedbacks

Paolo Ceppi - University of Washington

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 08 Jan 2015Interactions between near-inertial waves and mesoscale motion in the ocean

Jacques Vanneste - University of Edinburgh

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 08 Jan 2015Statistical Science Seminar

Ian Vernon - Durham University

H101 15:00-16:00

Monday 08 Dec 2014Recent advances in sub-seasonal predictions

Gilbert Brunet - Met Office/ Environment Canada

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 03 Dec 2014Science and Simulation: Whatever happened to Conjecture and Refutation?

Prof. Geoff Vallis - University of Exeter

Harrison 004 17:15-19:30

Monday 01 Dec 2014Statistical Science seminar

Prof. William Henley - University of Exeter Medical School

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Monday 01 Dec 2014AG Dynamics seminar: Relative Lyapunov centre bifurcation

Claudia Wulff - University of Surrey

St John's room, Kay Building 16:00-17:00

Thursday 27 Nov 2014Quadratic Q-curves and units

Neil Dummigan - Sheffield

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 24 Nov 2014SDAC seminar

Ruth Baker - University of Oxford

H103 15:00-16:00

Monday 17 Nov 2014The dynamical influence of eddy fluxes

Dr James Maddison - University of Edinburgh

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 30 Oct 2014Hopf orders in elementary abelian group rings

G Griffith Elder - University of Nebraska at Omaha

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 30 Oct 2014Direct Sum Decompositions of Modules over Local Rings

Roger Wiegand - University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Harrison 103 16:30-17:30

Thursday 16 Oct 2014Rings for which indecomposables are simple

Peter Vamos - Exeter (Emeritus)

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 13 Oct 2014Regional Reanalysis at the Met Office (POSTPONED)

Prof Dale Barker - Met Office

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 09 Oct 2014MAGIC launch: Noether's Theorem 100 years on

Prof. Elizabeth Mansfield - Univ. of Kent

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Friday 03 Oct 2014Developing the Summary Hospital Mortality Index

Professor Mike Campbell - School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Salmon Pool Lane, Exeter EX2 4SG 13:30-14:30

Thursday 02 Oct 2014Grothendieck-Messing deformation theory for Hyperkaehler varieties

Andreas Langer - University of Exeter

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 11 Sep 2014Hall effect in Neutron Star Crusts (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Konstantinos Gourgouliatos - McGill University

H 170 15:00-16:00

Thursday 03 Jul 2014CliMathNet seminar: Thermodynamic limits of the Earth system

Alex Kleidon - Max-Planck-Institut fuer Biogeochemie

H209 15:00-15:30

Monday 23 Jun 2014BioDynamics: emergent dynamics of complex biological networks

Jamie Walker, Marc Goodfellow (organisers) -

The Innovation Centre, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter 09:00-17:00

Monday 09 Jun 2014AG Dynamics seminar: Network Models of Visual Illusions and Rivalry

Prof Ian Stewart - University of Warwick

Harrison 209 16:00-17:00

Thursday 29 May 2014*** CANCELLED ***

Tim Dokchitser - University of Bristol

Harrison 04 15:00-16:00

Thursday 15 May 2014The integrality of modular symbols and Kato's zeta elements

Christian Wuthrich - University of Nottingham

Harrison 04 15:00-16:00

Monday 12 May 2014The (un)reliability of contour curves

Finn Lindgren - University of Bath

Harrison 004 15:00-16:00

Thursday 08 May 2014Adaptive Sticky Generalized Metropolis

Fabrizio Leisen - University of Kent

Plymouth University, Rolle 305 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 07 May 2014Copula-based Multivariate Regression models with gamlss Marginals

Mario Cortina Borja - University College London

Plymouth University, PSQ C2 14:00-15:00

Tuesday 06 May 2014Dynamics seminar

Claire Postlethwaite - University of Auckland

Harrison 209 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 29 Apr 2014CliMathNet e-seminar: Hamilton's Principle for the GFD Model Hierarchy

Prof Darryl Holm - Imperial College London

Harrison 209 15:00-16:00

Thursday 24 Apr 2014Two-way coupling between Barents Sea ice and anomalous Eurasian winters

Nils Gunnar Kvamst, Sorokina S. A., Li C., Wettstein J. J. - Geophysical Institute, Bergen

H170 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 09 Apr 2014A review of poverty mapping procedures

Isabel Molina Peralta - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Plymouth University, Rolle006 14:00-15:00

Friday 28 Mar 2014What is a pilot study and how do I do a good one?

Professor Sandra Eldridge - Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, QMUL

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Salmon Pool Lane Exeter 12:30-13:30

Thursday 27 Mar 2014Towards a decision-theoretic warning system for severe weather

David Stephenson and Theo Economou -

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 26 Mar 2014AG Dynamics seminar: Density of Axiom A in Arnol'd's standard family

Lasse Rempe-Gillen - University of Liverpool

St Johns room, Kay Building 14:00-15:00

Monday 24 Mar 2014 Stability and Predictability in the Climate

Peter Ditlevsen - Niels Bohr Institutet

H101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 20 Mar 2014Elliptic curves and modular forms of weight one

Alan Lauder - University of Oxford

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 20 Mar 2014The onset of thermal convection in a rectangular container

Prof Funakoshi - Kyoto University

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 12 Mar 2014MCMC strategies for the analysis of discrete graphical models of marginal independence

Claudia Tarantola - University of Pavia

Plymouth University, BGB018 14:00-15:00

Tuesday 11 Mar 2014Log-mean linear regression models for assessing the effect of HIV-infection on multimorbidity in case-control study

Monia Lupparelli - University of Bologna

Plymouth University, Roland Levisky 207 15:00-16:00

Monday 10 Mar 2014A Critical View of Flare Energetics (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Hugh Hudson - University of Glasgow/ Berkeley

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 06 Mar 2014Where do Galois representations come from?

Kevin Buzzard - Imperial College

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 05 Mar 2014A Bayesian approach to Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics

Christine Davies - University of Glasgow

BGB404, Plymouth University 17:00-18:00

Thursday 27 Feb 2014Realizability problem for random particle systems

Tobias Kuna - University of Reading

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 25 Feb 2014Probabilistic Weather Forecasting: Recent Developments in Bayesian Model Averaging

Professor Adrian Raftery - University of Washington

Matrix Lecture Theatre, Business School Building: One 14:00-15:00

Thursday 20 Feb 2014Visualising Many-objective Populations

Dr David Walker - Computer Science, University of Exeter

Harrison 103, University of Exeter 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 19 Feb 2014Building Multivariate Copulas Using Pair Copula Constructions

Professor Claudia Czado - TUM Munich

Plymouth University, Roland Levisky 209 14:00-15:00

Monday 10 Feb 2014The propagation of nonlinear waves over variable topography (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Prof Roger Grimshaw - University of Loughborough

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 03 Feb 2014Long-term trends in solar magnetism (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Matt Owens - University of Reading

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 27 Jan 2014Transience and multifractal analysis

Thomas Jordan - University of Bristol

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 23 Jan 2014Conservation of Mass on the Yin-Yang Grid

Jacky Goddard - University of Exeter

H101 15:00-16:00

Monday 20 Jan 2014Global modelling of ocean tides (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Stephen Griffiths - University of Leeds

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 15 Jan 2014Small Area Estimation on a National Scale

Paul Hewson - Plymouth University

Plymouth University, Fitzroy 208 14:00-15:00

Monday 13 Jan 2014Finite time bifurcations

Martin Rasmussen -

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 09 Dec 2013Living Systems Modelling Event

Various - University of Exeter

Innovation Centre, Conference Room 09:00-13:30

Wednesday 04 Dec 2013Bayesian inference for a stochastic growth process

Ana Paula Palacios - Plymouth University

Plymouth University, Fitzroy 210 15:00-16:00

Monday 02 Dec 2013Using meta analysis to inform clinical trial design

Professor Julian Higgins - University of Bristol

Veysey Building, University of Exeter Medical School 15:30-16:30

Thursday 28 Nov 2013 On the section conjecture over finitely generated fields.

Mohamed Saidi - University of Exeter

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 27 Nov 2013Entrainment, Synchronization and Control of transcriptional networks

Professor Mario diBernardo - Universities of Naples and Bristol

Harrison 170 11:00-12:00

Monday 25 Nov 2013How predictable is the effect of climate change on the atmospheric circulation? (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Prof Ted Shepherd - Grantham Professor of Climate Science, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

Laver LT 6 15:00-16:00

Thursday 14 Nov 2013On the arithmetic of abelian varieties (joint with Akio Tamagawa).

Mohamed Saidi - University of Exeter

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 11 Nov 2013Parallelisation of dynamically changing grids with a cluster-based approach and invasion

Martin Schreiber - Technical University Munich

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 07 Nov 2013Applied Maths seminar - Neil Holbrook

Neil Holbrook - Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia

H170 13:00-14:00

Tuesday 29 Oct 2013AG Dynamics seminar: Title TBC

Dwight Barkeley - University of Warwick

TBC 16:00-17:00

Tuesday 29 Oct 2013AG Dynamics seminar: Simplifying the complexity of pipe flow

Dwight Barkley - University of Warwick

St Johns room, Kay building 16:00-17:00

Monday 28 Oct 2013 Laser dynamics as a test bed for nonlinear dynamics

Andreas Amman - University College, Cork.

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 28 Oct 2013Bayesian non-parametric methods for time-varying volatility models with applications to portfolio allocation

Audrone Virbickaite - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Plymouth University, Cookworthy 409 14:00-15:00

Friday 25 Oct 2013CliMathNet e-seminar: Dew Droplets and Cloud Droplets: Droplet Growth, Size Distributions, and Corrections to Scaling

Juergen Vollmer - Max-Planck-Institut fuer Dynamik und Selbstorganisation

Harrison 215 16:00-17:00

Thursday 24 Oct 2013Critical layer and radiative instabilities in shallow water

Xavier Riedinger - University of Exeter

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 21 Oct 2013Speeding up convergence to equilibrium for diffusion processes

Greg Pavliotis - Imperial College, London

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 16 Oct 2013Default Probability Estimation with D-Vines

Luciana Dalla Valle - Plymouth University

Plymouth University, Fitzroy 208 14:00-14:50

Wednesday 16 Oct 2013Bayesian multivariate meta-analysis

Yingui Wei - Plymouth University

Plymouth University, Fitzroy 208 14:50-16:00

Thursday 10 Oct 2013Probability and the Law

Professor Norman Fenton - Queen Mary University of London

Laver LT6 15:00-16:00

Thursday 10 Oct 2013The Display of a K3-surface with applications to deformation theory

Andreas Langer - University of Exeter

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 08 Oct 2013MAGIC special lecture: Quantum Mechanics and Topology

Prof Jonathan Keating FRS - University of Bristol

Laver LT3 15:00-16:00

Monday 07 Oct 2013Dynamical systems seminar

Dimitry Turaev - Imperial College, London

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Monday 07 Oct 2013Fermi acceleration in time-dependent billiards

Dimitry Turaev - Imperial college

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 03 Oct 2013Geometric l-parity

Fabien Trihan - University of Exeter

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 03 Oct 2013Modeling and mathematical analysis of a disturbance specialist plant and its seed bank

Prof Richard Rebarber - University of Nebraska

ESI Trevithick Room (AV Link to XFi Seminar B) 16:00-17:00

Monday 30 Sep 2013The Internal Topology of Magnetic Flux Tubes (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Anthony Yeates - University of Durham

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 10 Sep 2013A Mathematical Model for Pancreatic Islet Oscillations and their Synchronization

Richard Bertram - Florida State University

Harrison 215 11:15-12:15

Monday 10 Jun 2013The emergent rhythms of Health and Disease: where mathematics, medicine and biology meet

Professor John Terry - Exeter

Harrison 004 video linked to PL Seminar 7 17:15-18:15

Tuesday 04 Jun 2013AG Dynamics Seminar: Symbolic Toolkit for Exploration of Deterministic Chaos

Andrey Shilnikov - Georgia State University

Harrison 209 16:00-17:00

Monday 03 Jun 2013Emergence, Tipping points and Nudges

Robert Mackay, FRS - University of Warwick

Harrison 103 12:00-13:00

Tuesday 28 May 2013CliMathNet seminar: Data assimilation and modelling the carbon cycle

Philip Aston and Sylvain Delahaies - University of Surrey

Harrison 209 16:00-17:00

Thursday 23 May 2013Towards an energy-conserving deep-atmosphere quasi-hydrostatic dynamical core

Dr. Marine Tort - Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France

Amory 128 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 22 May 2013Confronting Oceanic Scale Numerical Plankton Models with Observational Data

John Bruun - Environmental Statistics and Modelling Science, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Plymouth University, Fitzroy Building 210 15:00-16:00

Thursday 16 May 2013Why Everything You Know About Football is Wrong

Professor Chris Anderson - Cornell University

Streatham Court C, University of Exeter 16:00-17:00

Wednesday 15 May 2013Galois covers of type (p, ... , p)

Nicholas Williams - University of Exeter

Harrison 215 15:00-16:00

Monday 13 May 2013Knotted DNA: Models and Consequences

Dorothy Buck - Imperial College London

Laver LT3 15:00-16:00

Thursday 09 May 2013Homomorphisms between Specht modules

Matthew Fayers - Queen Mary

Streatham Court A 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 01 May 2013Statistical Learning Thresholds and Steps

Helen MacGillivray - International Statistical Institute, Queensland University of Technology

Plymouth University, Room TBC 16:00-17:00

Tuesday 30 Apr 2013CliMathNet Seminar: Sensing the natural world

Marion Scott - University of Glasgow

Harrison 209 16:00-17:00

Tuesday 30 Apr 2013ClimMathNet Seminar: Sensing the natural world

Marion Scott - University of Glasgow

Harrison 209, University of Exeter 16:00-17:00

Wednesday 24 Apr 2013Applied Statistics and England's HBSC study: Practical Issues for Methods, Models and Meaning

Neil Spencer - Statistical Service and Consultancy Unit, University of Hertfordshire

Plymouth Univeristy, Portland Square C2 15:00-16:00

Friday 05 Apr 2013Divisibility, ideal and valuation theory

Pham Ngoc Anh - Renyi Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Harrison 101 15:00-16:00

Thursday 21 Mar 2013Finite dimensional p-adic representations of compact p-adic groups

Simon Wadsley - University of Cambridge

Harrison 106 14:00-15:00

Thursday 14 Mar 2013De Rham-Witt cohomology

Andre Chatzistamatiou - Essen

Harrison 106 14:00-15:00

Tuesday 12 Mar 2013CliMathNet Seminar: Data assimilation for very high dimensional models

Prof Peter Jan van Leeuwen - University of Reading

Harrison 203 16:00-17:00

Monday 04 Mar 2013Fluid dynamics seminar

Prof Xuesong Wu - Imperial College, London

LT04 15:00-16:00

Thursday 21 Feb 2013Tracking Learning Detection

Dr. Krystian Mikolajczyk - Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing, University of surrey

Harrison 106 14:00-15:00

Monday 18 Feb 2013GAFD seminar

Prof Chris Jones - University of Leeds

LT 004 15:00-16:00

Monday 04 Feb 2013Maths & CS Colloquium (PURE)

Prof Heath-Brown -

LT04 15:00-16:00

Monday 28 Jan 2013Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova

Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova - University of Bristol

- 15:00-16:00

Thursday 24 Jan 2013Valuation Criterion for Normal Basis Generators in Local Fields

Nigel Byott - University of Exeter

Harrison 102 14:00-15:00

Monday 14 Jan 2013Interface dynamics in planar neural field models

Steve Coombes - University of Nottingham

Harrison 004 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 18 Dec 2012A curved-space description for the dynamics of excitation waves in the heart

Hans Dierckx - Ghent University, Belgium

Harrison 203 (room TBC) 15:00-16:00

Monday 10 Dec 2012Simultaneous Con fidence Bands for Regression Analysis

Professor Wei Liu - School of Mathematics and S3RI, University of Southampton

Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth University 15:00-16:00

Thursday 06 Dec 2012Simulating the evolution of scroll waves in human atria

Sanjay Kharche - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 14:00-15:00

Monday 03 Dec 2012Computational model based data integration

Prof Thomas Sauter - Luxembourg University

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 22 Nov 2012Initiation of excitation waves

Vadim Biktashev - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 14:00-15:00

Thursday 22 Nov 2012Initiation of Excitation Waves

Prof Vadim Biktashev - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 21 Nov 2012Within-Subject Variance as a Predictor of Health Outcomes

Professor Michael Elliott - Ann Arbor University, USA

Rolle Building Room 213, Plymouth University 15:00-16:00

Monday 19 Nov 2012Poisson growth and the geometry of valleys

Robb Mcdonald - University College London

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Monday 19 Nov 2012Don't know, can't know: communicating risk and deeper uncertainty

Professor David Spiegelhalter - University of Cambridge

Laver Building Room LT6, University of Exeter 12:00-13:00

Friday 16 Nov 2012AG Dynamics Seminar: Double lattice PETs, hyperbolic geometry, and renormalization

Richard Schwartz - Brown University

Poldhu room, Kay Building 14:00-15:00

Thursday 01 Nov 2012Kato's local epsilon conjecture

Mahesh Kakde - Kings College London

Harrison 203 14:00-15:00

Monday 29 Oct 2012Persistent localised states in neural fields

Dr James Rankin - Neuromathcomp Project Team, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Thursday 25 Oct 2012Hopf-Galois structures: non-abelian, nilpotent and soluble

Nigel Byott - University of Exeter

Harrison 101 14:00-15:00

Thursday 25 Oct 2012Learning Hidden Network Structures

Dr Iead Rezek - University of Oxford

Harrison 203 14:00-15:00

Thursday 18 Oct 2012Numerical Tests of a New Theory for Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

Joanne Mason - University of Exeter

Harrison 101 14:00-15:00

Thursday 18 Oct 2012Local Galois module structure in characteristic p

Maria Marklove - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 14:00-15:00

Thursday 11 Oct 2012Finding unstable equilibria and periodic orbits in experiments

Jan Sieber - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 03 Oct 2012Can We Afford Statistical Literacy?

David Walker and John Pullinger - Royal Statistical Society

Rolle Building Room 213, Plymouth University 16:00-17:00

Monday 01 Oct 2012Bubble instabilities in constricted geometries

Anne Juel - University of Manchester

Harrison 103 15:00-16:00

Monday 01 Oct 2012Frequency Compensation for a Class of DAE's

Prof Dr Carsten Trunk - TU Ilmenau, Germany

CSM Boardroom (Tremough Campus) 16:00-17:00

Wednesday 26 Sep 2012An Algorithm for Variable Reduction in the Identification of Clusters of Units in Large Databases

Gabriella Schoier - University of Trieste, Italy

Burbage Building BGB405 Plymouth University 15:00-17:00

Monday 24 Sep 2012Towards understanding the atmospheric circulation response to climate change

David Thompson - Colorado State University, USA

Harrison 170 11:00-12:00

Wednesday 19 Sep 2012Video image recognition for ecological monitoring: tracking crickets in the wild

Prof Richard Everson - CEMPS, University of Exeter

Poldhu Room, Kay Building 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 19 Sep 2012BioImage Informatics: Where BioImaging Meets Computer Science

Dr Boguslaw Obara - University of Durham

Poldhu Room, Kay Building 15:00-16:00

Thursday 05 Jul 2012Conjugate and Conditional Conjugate Bayesian Analysis of Discrete Graphical Models of Marginal Independence

Claudia Tarantola - Department of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Pavia, Italy

Portland Square C4, Plymouth University 15:00-16:00

Thursday 28 Jun 2012Big Bang! SW science fair

Dr Jenny Hatchell + team -

University tennis centre 09:00-17:00

Thursday 14 Jun 2012TBA


Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Monday 11 Jun 2012Genetic Programming - Applications and Improvements

Andrew Watson - City College, Plymouth

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Thursday 07 Jun 2012Maths seminar TBA


Harrison LT004 15:00-16:00

Thursday 07 Jun 2012Sparse prediction, matrix completion and first-order optimization

Dr. Andreas Argyriou - Toyota technological Institute at Chicago

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Thursday 31 May 2012Maths seminar TBA


Harrison LT004 15:00-16:00

Thursday 31 May 2012Evolving Modularity in Robot Behaviour Using Gene Expression Programming

Jonathan Mwaura - University of Exeter

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Monday 28 May 2012Stability of jets in Diesel engines

Dr Matt Turner, University of Surrey. -

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Thursday 24 May 2012Imaging pattern formation in excitable media

Gil Bub - University of oxford

Harrison 215 11:00-12:00

Thursday 24 May 2012CS Colloquium: Graph Spectra, Information Theory and Complex Networks

Prof. Edwin Hancock - University of York

Harrison LT004 15:00-16:00

Monday 21 May 2012Maths seminar TBA


Harrison 209 15:00-16:00

Thursday 17 May 2012Maths seminar TBA


Harrison LT004 15:00-16:00

Thursday 10 May 2012Self organisation of shear flows (Taylor and Francis sponsored)

Dr Andrew Newton - University of Sheffield

LT 004 15:00-16:00

Thursday 10 May 2012 CS seminar


Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 08 May 2012Dynamical singularities in online learning and adaptive delayed-feedback control

Asaki Saito - Future University Hakodate and JST PRESTO, Japan

Harrison 209 14:00-15:00

Thursday 03 May 2012Maths seminar TBA


Harrison LT004 15:00-16:00

Thursday 03 May 2012Embodied Language Learning with the Hum

Prof. Angelo Cangelosi - Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems, School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Plymouth

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 25 Apr 2012SportAtSchool: An Interactive Workshop for Teachers

Kate Richards -

Babbage Building, BGB111, Plymouth University 16:00-17:00

Thursday 29 Mar 2012[maths seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

107 15:00-16:00

Thursday 29 Mar 2012Applied Maths Seminar

Thomas Dubos - LMD Paris

170 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 27 Mar 2012Workshop on Stability of Dynamical Systems

Various - See website

Washington Singer 219 until 4pm, then Poldhu Room 10:00-17:00

Thursday 22 Mar 2012[CS seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

170 15:00-16:00

Monday 19 Mar 2012Applied maths seminar sponsored by Taylor and Francis

Vasilis Archontis - University of St. Andrews

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 15 Mar 2012Pure Maths seminar

Xavier Caruso - University of Rennes

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 15 Mar 2012Hypothesis Testing and Bayesian Inference: New Applications of Kernel Methods

Dr. Arthur Gretton - Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, University College London

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 14 Mar 2012Sampling Households Around the World

Peter Wingfield-Digby -

Babbage Building, BGB417, Plymouth University 15:00-16:00

Monday 12 Mar 2012****POSTPONED***** MCS colloquium: Coupled Oscillators and the Mobius Group

Prof. Ian Stewart - University of Warwick

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 08 Mar 2012[CS seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

170 15:00-16:00

Monday 05 Mar 2012[maths seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 01 Mar 2012Pure Maths Seminar

Andreas Langer - University of Exeter

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 01 Mar 2012Applied Maths Seminar - Julyan Cartwright

Julyan Cartwright - CSIC, Spain

170 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 29 Feb 2012ExIStA Meeting

Various -

Poldhu Room, Kay Building 16:00-18:00

Tuesday 28 Feb 2012Existence and stability of stationary fronts in inhomogeneous wave equations

Gianne Derks - University of Surrey

St John's Room, Kay Building 16:00-17:00

Monday 27 Feb 2012Applied Maths Seminar [title TBA]

Alef Sterk - University of Exeter

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 23 Feb 2012Pure Maths Seminar: Critical slope p-adic L-functions

David Loeffler - University of Warwick

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 23 Feb 2012Maths seminar - Iva Kavcic

Iva Kavcic - University of Exeter

170 15:00-16:00

Monday 20 Feb 2012Single element changes in electrical networks

Thomas Berger - Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 16 Feb 2012Pure Maths seminar: L-functions of hyperelliptic curves

Tim Dokchitser - University of Bristol

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 16 Feb 2012Artistic Minimal Rendering with Lines and Blocks

Dr. Paul Rosin - School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Monday 13 Feb 2012[maths seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 09 Feb 2012[CS seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

170 15:00-16:00

Monday 06 Feb 2012[maths seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 02 Feb 2012Pure Maths seminar

Jan Nekovar - Jussieu

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 02 Feb 2012[CS seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

170 15:00-16:00

Monday 30 Jan 2012Maths seminar - title TBA

Janez Susnik - University of Exeter

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 26 Jan 2012Pure Maths Seminar

Damiano Testa - University of Warwick

203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 26 Jan 2012[CS seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

170 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 25 Jan 2012Inspiring Science: Applications of Geometry and Topology

Professor Mitchell Berger - Lecturer in Mathematics

Harrison 004 17:30-18:45

Tuesday 24 Jan 2012Rotation sets in a family of torus homeomorphisms

Toby Hall - University of Liverpool

Kay Building 16:00-17:00

Thursday 19 Jan 2012Balanced models of boundary-layer convergence

Bob Beare - University of Exeter

107 15:00-16:00

Thursday 19 Jan 2012Weakly-supervised Joint Sentiment-Topic Detection from Text

Dr. Chenghua Lin - Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University

Harrison 170 15:00-16:00

Thursday 12 Jan 2012[maths seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

107 15:00-16:00

Thursday 12 Jan 2012[CS seminar TBA]

[speaker TBA] -

170 15:00-16:00

Thursday 15 Dec 2011MCS colloquium - Dynamical invariants of group automorphisms

Prof. Tom Ward - University of East Anglia

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Monday 12 Dec 2011Faces & Bodies in Motion.

Professor Ian M. Thornton - Department of Psychology Swansea University

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 08 Dec 2011Maths seminar - Radiative instability of a vortex in a stratified fluid

Xavier Riedinger - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 07 Dec 2011Beta Autoregressive Processes: Bayesian Parameter Estimation and Model Selection

Dr Luciana Dalla Valle - Plymouth University

Roland Levinsky Building Room 208, Plymouth University 16:00-17:00

Monday 05 Dec 2011MCS seminar - TBA

[presenter] -

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 01 Dec 2011MCS seminar - TBA


Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Monday 28 Nov 2011Maths seminar - Andrew Baggaley

Andrew Baggaley - Newcastle University

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Wednesday 23 Nov 2011Exploratory Data Analysis and Model Criticism with Posterior Plots

Dr John Marriott - RSS Centre for Statistical Education

Babbage 319, Plymouth University 16:00-17:00

Monday 21 Nov 2011Biology as a system: why should one model biological processes

Najl Valeyev - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 17 Nov 2011MCS COLLOQUIUM: Fluctuations energy harvesting: from macro to nano

Luca Gammaitoni - Universita di Perugia

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 15 Nov 2011Maths seminar - Lagrangian dynamics and the incorporation of data into ocean models

Christopher K. R. T. Jones - University of North Carolina

St John's Room, Kay Labs 16:00-17:00

Thursday 10 Nov 2011The iCLIPS project: searching personal information archives

Dr. Gareth Jones - Centre for Digital Video Processing, School of Computing Dublin City University, Ireland

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 10 Nov 2011The iCLIPS project: searching personal information archives

Dr Gareth Jones - Centre for Digital Video Processing, School of Computing Dublin City University, Ireland

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Monday 07 Nov 2011Maths seminar: Divisor sums and the sixth moment of the Riemann zeta function

Gihan Marasingha - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 03 Nov 2011Maths seminar - Exploiting symmetries in dynamo simulations

Sam Jones - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 03 Nov 2011Subjective interestingness in data mining

Tijl De Bie - Intelligent Systems Lab, University of Bristol

Harrison 209 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 01 Nov 2011Going with the flow: taking some ink for a walk

Pery Burge - Artist in Residence

Harrison 004 17:45-19:15

Monday 31 Oct 2011Maths seminar - Morse decompositions of nonautonomous dynamical systems

Martin Rasmussen - Imperial College, London

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 27 Oct 2011Maths seminar (via MAGIC) Buying shares in horses - the industrial problem of betting

Professor Alistair Fitt - Oxford Brookes University

Poldhu room, Kay Labs 14:30-15:30

Monday 24 Oct 2011Maths seminar - Estimation using relative output information

Prathyush Purushothama - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Thursday 20 Oct 2011Maths seminar - Individual-based modelling of marine microbial ecosystems

Hywel Williams - University of Exeter

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Tuesday 18 Oct 2011Maths seminar - Directed transport in a stochastic layer

Anatoly Neishtadt - Loughborough University

St Johns Room, Kay Building 16:00-17:00

Monday 10 Oct 2011A Naive Bayes Approach to Topic Classification in Suicide Notes

Irena Spasic - School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00

Saturday 08 Oct 2011LMS Regional Meeting and Workshop on Iwasawa Theory

John Coates and other speakers -

University of Exeter 09:00-17:00

Friday 07 Oct 2011LMS Regional Meeting and Workshop on Iwasawa Theory

John Coates and other speakers -

University of Exeter 09:00-17:00

Monday 03 Oct 2011CS seminar - Modelling Spatial Change by Relations between Trees

John Stell - School of Computing, University of Leeds

Harrison 203 15:00-16:00