Centre for Future Clean Mobility

Driving the next generation of clean mobility towards zero carbon.

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility at the University of Exeter stands at the forefront of the road to zero carbon. We specialise in developing new hybrid and electric powertrain technology for cleaner mobility of humans and goods.

We are committed to leading the next generation of clean mobility, which will reduce, then remove fossil fuels from all the vehicles and vessels on our streets, off-the-highways, railways, farms, skies, seas and waterways, and in our armed forces.

Come and talk to us – we want to work with businesses and organisations who want to develop new clean and smart mobility technology.

We pride ourselves on providing access to everybody, from SMEs to OEMs: that’s why we have an open and cost-efficient approach to innovation to fit your company.

Meet Chris, Prathyush, Brian and the rest of the team at CFCM. 

Learn about our capabilities and facilities and how we deliver innovative solutions.

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Contact us

Get in touch via email at: futurecleanmobility@exeter.ac.uk.

Our new laboratory on Exeter Science Park will open soon.


We work with many partners in industry, leadership and government. Recent projects have been funded by Innovate UK, ISCF, EPSRC and MarRI-UK.

Our industrial partners include innovative small- to medium-sized companies, including Lynch Motors, EV Parts, Plymouth Boat Trips, Quattro Plant, Teignbridge Propellers, MSubs, Dashboard, as well as OEMs such as BMT, DHL, Babcock International and SC Group. We also partner with Marine Business Technology Centre, Maritime UK and Exeter Science Park.