Photo of Mr Zandy Muhammad

Mr Zandy Muhammad



Zandy Muhammad graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with an MSc in Structural Engineering, and he gained his undergraduate degree from the University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan-Iraq, with a BSc in Building and Construction Engineering.

In his MSc dissertation, he used analytical models verified by experimental studies on seismic behaviour of beam-column joints under seismic loads. After his MSc graduation, he went back to his home town Sulaimani to work at the University of Sulaimani as an assistant lecturer.

He joined the Vibration Engineering Section at the University of Exeter in November 2015 to study for a PhD degree under the supervision of Professor Paul Reynolds and Professor Alex Pavic. His research will be under the title of “A unified Approach to Vibration Serviceability Assessment of Floors”, funded by QNRF.