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Prof. Zoran Kapelan is a Professor of Water Systems Engineering and Academic Lead for the Water and Environment Group at the University of Exeter. He is a chatered engineer with over 25 years of research and consulting experience in various water engineering disciplines, both in the UK and abroad, with partcular interests in a wide range of issues reted to urban water sytems. Prof. Kapeln is/was an investigator  on more than 20 EPSRC, EU, industrial and other research projects with total funding worth over £4M. He recently pioneered a new technology for the detection and diagnostics of pipe bursts, equipment failures and other anomalous events in water systems. The resulting Event Recongnition System is now in a companywide use in large UK water utility benefiting its over 7M customers and saving £2M each year via reduced operatinal costs. Prof Kapelan is an IWA Fellow, Associate Editor of the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (ASCE) and member of several other editorial boards. He has (co)authored over 250 technical publications.

Eduation and Professional Experience

Prof. Zoran Kapelan graduated at the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Civil Engineering) in 1989 as the best student in his class (95% GPA). He obtained his PhD in Engineering at the University of Exeter in 2002. Prior to joining the University of Exeter he worked for 10 years as a consultant in the water industry and was responsible for the design of various complex water engineering systems, including water and wastewater infrastructure systems, flood/river control systems, irrigation/drainage systems and systems of large open reservoirs with dams and hydro power plants. He received a number of awards.

Research Interests

  • Real-time control for smart water infrastructure systems;
  • Integrated, life-cycle and risk based asset management of water supply and distribution systems including supply/demand analysis, leakage analysis, pressure/energy management, reliability/robustness issues, asset incident and deterioration modelling;
  • Integrated, life-cycle and risk based asset management of wastewater systems;
  • Risk and uncertainty based decision support systems for sustainable design and operation of urban water infrastructure systems in changing climate conditions, including various risk/uncertainty analyses, deterministic and stochastic optimisation methods, multi-criteria decision analyses and various data mining techniques;
  • Flood risk management;
  • Water resources management;
  • Hydraulic and water quality simulation modelling of pipe networks;
  • Water system security, including contaminant detection and sensor network design;
  • Calibration of water and wastewater models.