Photo of Mrs Yan Xu

Mrs Yan Xu



Yan graduated from Southeast University in 2011, with a bachelor's degree and, in 2014, with a master's degree from the School of Civil Engineering. During her master's degree, she performed vulnerability assessments of steel frame systems, based on connection failure probability.

In Jan 2015, she joined the University of Exeter Vibration Engineering Section as a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof James Brownjohn, and her main research interest is remote sensing and non-contacting bridge assessment.

Selected publications

Yan Xu Xiancai Yu, Weibin Li (2014). Vulnerability Assessment of Truss Structure Based on Strain Energy and Damage Scenarios. 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Materials, Haikou China. 24-25 May.

Chenxi Xing, Hao Wang, Aiqun Li, Yan Xu (2013). Study on Wind-Induced Vibration Control of a Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Using TMD-Type Counterweight. Journal of Bridge Engineering 19, no. 1: 141-148.