Photo of Dr Sam Stevens

Dr Sam Stevens

Lecturer (E&S)


Sam Stevens teaches to Engineering, Biosciences and Natural Sciences on the topics of thermodynamics, ethics, materials and chemistry. His research currently includes electron microscopy of living systems and reflectance transformation imaging of just about everything else.

Course Involvement
  • BIO1340 - Fundamental Inorganic Chemistry - Convenor
  • BIO1343 - Fundamental Inorganic and Physical Chemistry - Demonstrator
  • BIO1344 - Integrated Practical Chemistry - Demonstrator
  • BIO2091 - Bioinorganic Chemistry - Convenor
  • BIO3073 - Specialist Topics in Chemical Sciences - Lecturer
  • BIO3082 - Science Communication - Lecturer
  • ECM1107 - Materials and Manufacturing: Core Engineering 2 - Lecturer
  • ECM3130 - Engineering in Society and Company Finance - Lecturer
  • ECM3151 - Thermofluids and Energy Conversion - Lecturer
  • ECM3160 - Materials - Lectures
  • NSC1003 - Foundations in Natural Science - Convenor
  • NSC1004 - Experimental Science - Convenor
  • NSC2001 - Frontiers In Science 2 - Supervisor
  • NSC3001 - BSc Research Project - Supervisor
  • NSC3003 - Group Project - Supervisor
  • NSCM002 - MSci Research Project 2 Extension - Examiner
  • NSCM003 - Further Advanced Topics - Lecturer
Other Responsibilites

  • ISS3002 - Climate Change Summer School - Academic Lead
  • NatSci and Biosciences students - Tutor
  • Widening Participation - The Bigger Bang; RSC Above The Bench Scheme
Education and Employment
  • Associate Lecturer (E&S) Exeter University - - 2016 - Present
  • Associate Fellow / Lab Manager in Teaching - Exeter University - 2014 - 2016
  • Head of Research and Analytics - Good Growth Ltd. - Brewer - 2014
  • Post Doctorate - Stockholm University / KAIST University - 2010 – 2011
  • PhD Researcher - Manchester University - 2006 – 2010
  • MCHEM Researcher - Oxford University - 2004 – 2005
  • Guest Researcher - Princeton University - Summer 2004
  • HR Trainee Manager - Cadbury Schweppes plc - Uni. Summers
  • Associate Fellow of ASPIRE (application pending)
  • Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (application pending)
  • Associate Member Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Member of The British Association of Crystal Growth
  • Member of The European Microscopy Society
  • You may follow me on Google Scholar here.
  • Orchid: 0000-0002-3657-3279
  • Scopus: 24725792300
  • ResearcherID: M-5734-2016
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