Photo of  Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo

Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo

PhD Project

Phase-change metamaterials for optoelectronic device applications PhD researcher: Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo Supervisors: Prof David Wright, Prof Geoff Nash

Phase-change materials have readily accessible and usable electrical and optical responses, and signals can be transferred easily between these two domains. Combining phase-change films with a relatively simple metamaterial structure, e.g. an asymmetric split ring array, could thus open the route to optoelectronic devices with a range of new and improved functionality, such as ultra-compact high-performance electro-optical switches, spatial-light modulators, optical processors (optical computers) and high-contrast, high-resolution displays [1, 2, 3]. In this project we will explore some of these exciting concepts, using chalcogenide phase-change alloys combined with various metamaterial array structures to develop new forms of optoelectronic 'computers' [2,4] and phase-change based displays [3].

Preliminary research in this area has already led to very high-profile publications [1-4].

The project cross-links with an ongoing EPSRC-NSF-DfG project (Understanding and exploiting mixed-mode ultra-fast electrical and optical behaviour in phase-change materials, PI Wright) whose partners (U Penn and KIT) will also contribute to the project (e.g. by hosting the PhD on research visits). Strong links also exist with industrial partners (in particular IBM Zurich and Micron Semiconductor Agrate) in the area of phase-change devices.

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[3] P Hosseini, H Bhaskaran and C D Wright, An Optoelectronic Framework Enabled by Low-Dimensional Phase-Change Films, in review, Nature (2014)
[4] C D Wright et al., Beyond von-Neumann Computing with Nanoscale Phase-Change Memory Devices, Adv Func Mater 23, 2248 (2013)