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Photo of Dr Sean Carroll

Dr Sean Carroll

Personal Homepage

I am a structural engineer. After graduating in 2006 I worked as a structural design engineer before pursuing a PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Nottingham in 2009. I have held academic posts at the University of Nottingham and the University of Warwick before joining the University of Exeter in January 2018.

I am the programme lead for our Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeships and the Education Lead for Civil and Environmental Engineering within the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. I am a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.   

I have experience teaching a wide range of engineering subjects, including:

  • Structural Mechanics and Vibration
  • Nonlinear Analysis of Structures
  • Finite Element Analysis in Structural Engineering
  • Analysis of Plate and Shell Structures
  • Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

As the programme lead for our new degree apprenticeship programme I am keen to explore how best to provide a learning environment that helps our students leverage their industrial experience. Degree Apprenticeships are one of the biggest shifts to take place in civil engineering education in decades. They have the potential to provide students with a highly sought after mix of academic training and real-world industry experience. Working with our industry partners, the degree apprenticeship programme at Exeter will prepare graduate engineers for the demands of a dynamic, constantly evolving and global construction industry.


Research Interests

My engineering research interests include occupant-induced structural vibration, human-structure interaction and crowd flow behaviour. A central theme of my research is the use of agent-based crowd modelling to better inform design stage predictive modelling. I have carried out extensive lab-based and numerical studies in these areas. A developing research interest seeks to better utilise the growing urban surveillance infrastructure to capture real-time crowd behaviour for the purpose of assessing the interaction between crowds and the space/structures they occupy.

My pedagogical research interest is in exploring the apprenticeship mode of study in an engineering context. Intuitively, one would expect the blended learning environment to provide advantages over a traditional full-time academic delivery. This is particularly the case in civil engineering where site visits are typically used to contextualise the academic content. The effectiveness of the apprenticeship model in providing this context and the subsequent value of this context to the learner are the subject of my pedagogical research.