Photo of  Rana Sabouni Tabari

Rana Sabouni Tabari

PhD Student


Telephone: 01392 725345

Extension: (Streatham) 5345

Miss. Rana Sabouni Tabari is a PhD student in Material science and Engineering in the university of Exeter .Also BSC and MS holders in Extractive of materials Engineering. Rana's Expert Skill Lies in: 1) Extraction of metals  2) Nano/Bio Technology 3) Bio-materials and Bio-inspiration 4) Biosensors and Medical Diagnostics 5) Micro/Nanofluidics devices 6) Surface Engineering 7) Ceramics production (Mini-Review) . During her BS career she was a labratory assistant in (SEM) lab and she got involved in a project on an Investigation and determination of Firebrick Forsterite Nanoparticles by Revised Scherrer Equation in Isfahan university of technology. For her master thesis , she investigated Aluminum nanoparticles synthesis by Electromagnetic Levitation Melting Method in Sharif university of technology.

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