Photo of Prof Oana Ghita

Prof Oana Ghita

Associate Professor in Materials and Manufacturing and Deputy Director of Exeter Advanced Technologies (X-AT)


Telephone: 01392 723667

Extension: (Streatham) 3667

Dr Oana Ghita is a Associate Professor in Materials Science and Manufacturing. She has also the role of Deputy Director of the Exeter Advanced Technology (X-AT) and the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) at Exeter University. She started her career as a Research Fellow at Cranfield University- Royal Military College of Science, in the Sensors and Composites Research Group and then at Exeter University.

At Exeter, she has secured funding in value of £3.5M to Exeter through several research projects (TSB, EU and EPSRC). Her research is focused on development of novel and alternative materials using efficient manufacturing, recycling and remanufacturing of clean manufacturing waste (in particular thermoset and thermoplastics, high performance composites) with emphasis on understanding the relationship between molecular structure/morphology, re-manufacturing and desired final properties. Under this research theme, she has recently secured £1.8M of ERDF and industry funding to set up a Centre for ALternative MAterials and REmanufacturing Technologies (CALMARE)- Business Technology Centre.

In recent years, her research expanded towards a new range of high performance advanced structural composites based on vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs), high performance polymers and new emerging manufacturing processes such as Additive Manufacturing. Her current research into High Temperature Laser Sintering (HT-LS) is focused on high engineering polymers such as PEK, PEEK, medical grades of PEEK and PEKK as well as composites (glass, graphatised carbon, ceramic - fibres and fillers and CNTs reinforcement). Exeter University has the unique capabilities and expertise to additive manufacture high temperature components using the commercial HT-LS system, EOSINT P800.

She has also been involved in the development of in-line monitoring sensors and novel instrumentation for efficient material use and reduction of manufacturing waste (near IR and Raman spectroscopy, combined NIR/Raman-thermal analysis).

Selected member of the EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research (

Current Projects

 sKTP-TSB- Rubber-nylon mechanisms of adhesion and intervention methods

EPSRC- Particle Shape and Flow behaviour in Laser Sintering: from modelling to experimental validation (EP/L017318/1)

DSTL- Development of CNT/PEEK structures using the additive manufacture for lightweight, high performance and multifunctional application (CDE31809)

ERDF & UK industry- Centre for ALternative MAterials and REmanufacturing Technologies (CALMARE) Business Technology Centre (BTC)

EPSRC- Efficient X-sector use of HeterogeneoUs MatErials in Manufacturing (EP/K026348/1)

EUFP7- Development of processes and quality procedures for the valorisation of recycled plastics for food contact applications (FP7 Programme: Capacities, Call ID: FP7-SME-2011)

KTP-TSB- Manufacturing of novel grades of nylon 6 for mandrel applications (KTP Programme no: 8733)

Airbus Group- Growth of patterned CNT structures and development of interlayed and aligned CNT composites