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Photo of Dr Martino Luis

Dr Martino Luis

Lecturer (E&R)


Telephone: 01392 723702

Extension: (Streatham) 3702

Martino Luis holds a PhD in Operations Research from Kent Business School, University of Kent. Prior to joining the University of Exeter, Martino was a faculty member at the Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia where in the latter years he served as the Director of the MBA Programme. During this time, he was actively involved in the School’s accreditation processes, certification processes and practices (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IQNet SR10: 2015), and had collaborated closely with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) UK for programme development. Prior to joining academia, Martino held a supervisory position in a shoe factory in Bandung, Indonesia. He also provided consultation and training for industries.

Martino’s teaching areas are in the field of operations and supply chain management, management science (operations research), and manufacturing systems. His research interests are the application of heuristic optimisation to supply chain operations, logistics systems (i.e. facility location problems) which include environmentally and socially sustainable aspects, as well as, sequencing and scheduling problems. He is currently a member of the Operational Research Society, the EURO Working Group on Locational Analysis (EWGLA), and the Chartered Management Institute.

Research Topic Interests

The applications of Exact Methods, (Meta)-Heuristics optimisation, and a combination of both (Matheuristics) in:
• Facility location problems
• Sustainable supply chain design network
• Inventory routing problems that focus on environment and sustainable operations
• Location-inventory optimisation problems
• Integrated supply chain production and distribution planning models
PhD Supervision and Research Collaborations

I welcome enquiries from prospective research students interested in any of the above or other closely related areas of research. I also welcome enquiries from academics active in these areas with a desire to collaborate or visit to complete research. Please get in touch.

Current PhD Students

            Sustainable Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design with Integrated Production and Distribution Scheduling

            A Sustainable Supply Chain Network Design with Disruptions and Uncertainty  

          A Resilient Health Care Supply Chain Network Design


Selected Publications

Irawan, C. A., Imran, A., & Luis, M., 2020. The bi-objective capacitated p-median problem with multilevel capacities. International Transaction in Operational Research, 27, 361–380

Irawan, C. A., Luis, M., Salhi, S. & Imran, A., 2019. The Incorporation of fixed cost and multilevel capacities into the discrete and continuous single source capacitated facility location problem. Annals of Operations Research, 275 (2), 367–392.

Luis, M., Irawan, C. A., & Imran, A., 2019. A two-stage method for the capacitated multi-facility location-allocation problem. International Journal of Operational Research, 35(3), 366- 377.

Irawan, C. A., Salhi, S., Luis, M., & Azizi, N., 2017. The Continuous Single Source Location Problem with Capacity and Zone-Dependent Fixed Cost: Models and Solution Approaches. European Journal of Operational Research, 263(1), 94–107.

Imran, A., Luis, M., & Okdinawati, L. (2016). A Variable Neighborhood Search for the Heterogeneous Fixed Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem. Jurnal Teknologi, 78(9), 53-58.

Luis, M., Lamsali, H., Imran, A., & Lin, A., 2016. A Multi-Start Heuristic for the Capacitated Planar Location-Allocation Problem with Facility Fixed Costs. Information, 19(7A), 2441-2446.

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