Photo of Mrs Mahdieh Dibaj

Mrs Mahdieh Dibaj

Postgraduate Researcher


Telephone: 01392 726654

Extension: (Streatham) 6654

I started my PhD studies in engineering at the University of Exeter, after getting my degree in Mechanical engineering and project management. In my PhD studies, I am working on developing the groundwater-surface water interaction under the supervision of Professor Akbar Javadi and Professor Raziyeh Farmani. I am also helping Professor Javadi's research team for other projects which also been published or presented in conferences. 

My publications:

 Dibaj M, Chen AS, Javadi A, Akrami M, Farmani R, Tan Y-C, Lin Y, Ke K-Y. (2019) Integrated model for flood forecasting and river inundation in Taiwan, 17th International Computing & Control for the Water Industry Conference, Exeter, United Kingdom, 1st - 4th Sep 2019.

Alotaibi DM, Akrami M,  Dibaj M, Javadi A. (2019) Smart energy solution for an optimised sustainable hospital in the green city of NEOMSustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, volume 35, pages 32-40, DOI:10.1016/j.seta.2019.05.017.

Chan LC, Akrami M, Javadi A, Tabor GR,  Dibaj M, Khanjanpour MH. (2019) Optimisation of a conceptual aircraft model using a genetic algorithm and 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), UK Association for Computational Mechanics Conference 2019, London, United Kingdom, 10th - 12th Apr 2019,

Akrami M, Craig K, Dibaj M, Javadi AA, Benattayallah A. (2018) A three-dimensional finite element analysis of the human hipJournal of Medical Engineering and Technology, volume 42, no. 7, pages 546-552, DOI:10.1080/03091902.2019.1576795.

Dibaj M, Ke K-Y, Akrami M, Tan Y-C, Javadi A, Farmani R, Chen A. (2018) Towards an integrated model of managing the groundwater and flooding; case study of Taiwan Pingtung Plain, EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 7th - 12th Apr 2018. 

Flecther-Bott KZ, Akrami M, Javadi A, Benattayallah A, Dibaj M, Wall T. (2018) A Subject-specific Three-dimensional Model of the Human Hand and Wrist, 8th World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, Ireland, 8th - 12th Jul 2018.



I am also working as Teaching assistant for several modules including:

Geotechnics 1 (Dr Raffaelle Vinai)

Geotechnics 2 (Professor Akbar Javadi)

Materials and Manufacturing (Dr Mohammad Akrami)

Thermofluids engineering (Dr Mohammad Akrami)

Hydraulics (Dr Albert Chen)