Photo of Dr Luke Savage

Dr Luke Savage

Senior Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 725911

Extension: (Streatham) 5911

Dr. Luke Savage joined the University of Exeter as a Business Fellow in the Engineering Faculty with the objective of generating research income for the “Exeter Advanced Technology” centre (X-AT).  A Materials Scientist by training, he has worked in research development and administration for fourteen years, in the private sector and then at Exeter where he has been responsible for generating over £4.6M of external funding for Exeter. In recent years, Dr Savage has developed his own research career, with a focus on applied research as evidenced by  7 successful TSB funded industrial collaborations.

Research Interests

  • Automotive Composites particularly Sheet and bulk moulding compounds, and bio-derived thermoplastics, where the emphasis is on the development of lightweight recyclable or bio-derived composites that can be mass-manufactured. This began in 2005 with the TSB funded project“RECCOMP” – the work developed recycling solutions for SMC automotive composites. This was followed by a 3yr investigation into producing SMC from Sustainable Resources (EPSRC REF: TS/G000352/1), that has lead to (EPSRC REF: EP/I038616/1) “Towards Affordable, Closed-Loop Recyclable Future Low Carbon Vehicle Structures”(2011)- furthering research into of lightweight SMC, and now the TSB funded “New UV Curable thick section GRP automotive moulding compounds”. This has allowed Dr Savage to develop expertise in the SMC class of fibre composites, their formulation and processing – critical factors in determining the composite mesostructure that then governs mechanical behaviour. Exeter has now built its own SMC manufacturing facility (unique among UK universities) and works closely with Menzolit UK Ltd – The largest global supplier of SMC, who have collaborated on 3 TSB funded large projects.
  • Tribology – Development of advanced materials for aerospace and automotive braking systems, high temperature carbon ceramic materials, and polymeric systems. Projects in the area have included 2 TSB funded project s with European Friction Industries Ltd and 1 TSB funded project with Meggitt PLC - Aircraft Braking Systems. Dr Savage also chaired a session at the 2013 Eurobrake conference in Dresden and is a member of the technical board.

Current Projects

  • EPSRC- Towards Affordable, Closed-Loop Recyclable Future Low Carbon Vehicle Structures - TARF-LCV- EP/I038616/1.
  • EPSRC- Efficient X-sector use of HeterogeneoUs MatErials in Manufacturing (EP/K026348/1).
  • TSB/ EPRSC - Carbon/Carbon & C/SiC for aircraft and automotive braking systems (EPSRC Ref: TS/J001201/1) a four-partner 3yr collaboration.
  • Consultancy contract with Dyson Ltd.
  • MOD/SBRI - Land Vehicle Exercise (LVEx) 2013- “Composites for Land Vehicles”
  • EUFP7- Development of processes and quality procedures for the valorisation of recycled plastics for food contact applications (FP7 Programme: Capacities, Call ID: FP7-SME-2011)

2014 Publications

  • Mclauchlin A, Ghita OR, Savage L. (2014) Studies on the reprocessability of poly(ether ether ketone) (PEEK), Journal of Materials Processing Technology, volume 214, pages 75-80, DOI:10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2013.07.010
  • Savage L. Evans K.E. (2014) The Importance of the Mesostructure in Toughening Cellulosic Short Fibre Composites, -Composites Science and Technology 93C (2014), pp. 97-105 DOI information: 10.1016/j.compscitech.2014.01.003.
  • Brookbank P. Savage L. Evans K.E. (2014) Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polyester Sheet Moulding Compounds (SMC) for Automotive Applications. - Submitted for Publication.
  • Savage L, Mouldable SMC/BMC Automotive Composites From Sustainable Resources, European Conference of Composite Materials (ECCM16), Seville, 2014.
  • Brookbank P, Savage L, Stiffening of Sustainable Cellulose Fibres for Use in the Light weighting of Sheet Moulding Compounds, European Conference of Composite Materials (ECCM16), Seville, 2014