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Dr Liang Hao

Senior Lecturer - Materials


Telephone: 01392 723665

Extension: (Streatham) 3665

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Dr. Liang Hao joined the University of Exeter in September 2006 and is currently a  senior lecturer involving in the research and teaching of advanced materials and manufacturing. He graduated in 1995 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology at China and completed a PhD study Nanyang Technological University at Singapore in 2004. He has established well recognised scientific achievements and an international research profile over last ten years. This is represented by over 48 high quality peer-reviewed journal papers, 1 first-authored book and 2 book chapters, a journal paper prize and a best international conference papers, invited presentations in several international conferences and being an editor member in an international journal of Lasers in Engineering. His recent invention of a 3D chocolate printer and research on value co-creation through user design, production and web technologies has been widely reported by well-known international media (e.g. BBC news, Fox news, New Scientist, China CCTV). 

His interdisciplinary research has addressed key societal issues such as healthcare, sustainability and economy and captured emerging technology innovations such as novel materials, innovative manufacturing, sustainable products and digital co-creation. He is currently a lead investigator of around 1 million worth of Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and industrial sponsored projects. Since he joined the university of Exeter in 2006, he has been a supervisor/co-supervisors of over 10 research fellows and PhD students.  

Research interests:

Digital co-creation and economy: this is an ongoing adventurous research to explore technical and business solutions to support user (consumer) participation in creating physical products and valuable experiences. It investigates the effective approaches to integrates the latest knowledge and methodologies from the areas of design, manufacturing, computing, business and consumer psychology to deliver innovations in user-centric design, production and web technologies and business models. 

Sustainable product development and manufacturing: develop new computational optimisation techniques for lightweight product designs and adopt energy efficient manufacturing techniques to make high value and low carbon engineering components for aerospace, automotive and various industrial sectors. 

Advanced materials and additive manufacturing: fabricate novel advanced materials such as precipitation hardening alloy, in-situ formed metal matrix composite, high performance carbon fibre/polymer composites. explore new material and additive manufacturing approaches to produce netshape nano-particular reinforced composite parts.  

Healthcare engineering: laser surface treatment of bio-implant for improved biological response such as cell and protein adhesion; design and fabricate porous architectures and patient-specific geometry as customised implants and scaffolds; deposit biological materials such as cells, bio-molecules to construct 2D and 3D patterns for biological testing and regenerative medicine. 

Creative manufacturing and entrepreneurial lab: explore creative ways of making sustainable physical products possessing higher value, but lower material consumption; implement accessible and affordable production technologies to assist users and entrepreneurs to create products and develop new businesses; build up design for manufacturing and sustainability interface for simple user-centric 3D design platforms such as google sketchup; experiment creative lab to engage many people to develop product development and entrepreneurial skills.

Chocolate and food manufacturing: introduce novel product and manufacturing innovations into chocolate and food sectors in order to operate more localised, on-demand and sustainable product development and production (e.g. 3D chocolate printer). develop more healthy and organic materials and ingredients for creative chocolate and food products and biodegradable food packaging materials. 


Core Engineering 1 Mechanics (1st Year Undergraduates)

Manufacturing (3rd year Undergraduates) 

Mechanical Engineering Design Studies (3rd year Undergraduates)

New Developments in Material Engineering (4th year MEng students) 

Industrial Case Studies (4th year MEng students) 

Additional Information:

Dr. Liang Hao has been recently initiated Creative Lab to invite people and entrepreneurs to learn, use and experiment emerging digital design and production technologies and creative business ideas. It will provide training and relevant simple design tools (e.g. Google Sketchup) and desktop production facilities such as 3D chocolate printer, portable 3D plastic printer. It will also link with Brunel's Inclusive Design Research Group ad Exeter's Entrepreneurs and Marketing Research Group to design and business related training and services.