Photo of Mrs Katya Pyatkova

Mrs Katya Pyatkova



Katya Pyatkova is a PhD researcher in the Center for Water Systems. Her work is part of an EU-funded project PEARL which aims at increasing the resilience of coastal cities to hydrometeorological events. Her research focuses on assessing flood impacts on vehicular transportation, using a microscopic modelling approach. Impacts like these are substantial but could be hard to quantify and compare to tangible flood impacts.

Prior starting at the University of Exeter, Katya completed Erasmus Mundus MSc in Flood Risk Management, which took her to five countries to study different aspects of flooding. Katya spent her final semester in Denmark, where she worked with DHI to assess the climate change impacts on the combined riverine and coastal flooding in the city of Aarhus. After studying the hazardous part of the risk equation, she felt the need to explore the consequences of these hazards to the human systems.


Pyatkova, K., Chen, A., Djordjevic, S., Butler, D., Vojinović, Z., Abebe, Y.A., Hammond, M.J., in press. Flood Impacts on Road Transportation Using Microscopic Traffic Modelling Technique, in: Simulating Urban Traffic Scenarios 3rd SUMO Conference 2015 Berlin, Germany, Lecture Notes in Mobility.