Photo of Dr Janez Susnik

Dr Janez Susnik

Associate Research Fellow


My current research interests are related to global water availability and resource use. My focus is on water resources in the Mediterranean basin, and research being carried out as part of the EC FP7 project WASSERMed ( This project focuses on using a systems modelling paradigm for water-balance modelling while integrating food and economic-related issues, and exploring the impacts of global change on local situations. I also have a keen interest in the wider water-food-energy-economic network, and am exploring using systems modelling to simulate this system in an integrated way. Other interests relate to how catchments (hillslopes + channels) response to catastrophic, widespread perturbation, and the immediate and longer term impacts to, for example, water and sediment flux. A related interest is analysing the global sediment flux to the oceans, and the possible development of a hybrid model to better estimate the flux.

I have a strong background in the Environmental Sciences. I graduated with a first class BSc (Hons) degree from Lancaster University, graduating top of my year group. I completed my dissertation project at the ETH, Zurich. I then completed a PhD in th School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. The title of the PhD thesis is 'Lahars in the Belham River Valley, Montserrat, West Indies. I have also had two year experience in the commercial sector working on large-scale flood mapping projects.


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