Photo of Dr Hao Qin

Dr Hao Qin

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


Telephone: 01392 724542

Extension: (Streatham) 4542


Hao Qin is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, University of Exeter. He has great interest in Engineering Design. He did his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in China. After that, he continues to study Engineering Design in the UK, and obtained an MSc degree at the University of Bath. Then, he did further research in the field of Engineering Design, studying the design theories and methodologies, and exploring the ways to improve design efficiency through capturing and reusing designers’ valuable knowledge. He is awarded his PhD at the University of Portsmouth.


Teaching Interest:

Hao’s teaching interest is mainly on mechanical engineering design and computer-aided design, and he has several years of experience in teaching computer-aided design. The modules he will be teaching include.

  • Introduction to Mechanical Design (ECM2013)
  • Mechanical Engineering Design Studies (ECM3163)
  • Computer-Aided Engineering Design (ECM3171/ECMM103)
  • Programming for Engineering (ECMM171)
  • Professional Studies and Skills Development (ECM2112)


Research Interest:

Hao’s research interest is in the field of engineering design, including:

  • Design methodologies and models on design objects and processes
  • Design innovation and evolution
  • Computer Aided-Design and Computer Aided-Manufacturing
  • Knowledge management for engineering design
  • Web-based information and knowledge management systems