Dr Hasan Hayat

Honorary Research Fellow (now at SPECIFIC, Swansea)


Telephone: 01392 724059

Extension: (Streatham) 4059

Hasan was born in 1986. He received his Bachelors degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering from the National University-FAST, Pakistan, in 2008, and his Masters degree in Electronic Systems Engineering and Management from the University of Exeter, UK, in 2010. After working for a few years in the industry as an Electronics Design and Software Development Engineer in both the UK and abroad, he was awarded a CEMPS Scholarship in 2013 to pursue his PhD in Nanotechnology (Electronics and Computing) at the University of Exeter where his research focused primarily on the scaling of nanoscale phase-change memory (PCM) materials and devices, and other novel functionalities such as brain-inspired computing and phase-change metamaterial-type devices.

After completion of his PhD in 2016 followed by a year of postdoctoral research in the Nano-Engineering Science and Technology (NEST) research group at Exeter, he has moved to the SPECIFIC Research Centre, Swansea, Wales (http://www.specific.eu.com/) in January 2018 where he now works as a Technology Transfer Fellow in Electronics Engineering. He also continues to work with the NEST group at Exeter on research projects related to nanoscale phase-change and graphene-based materials and devices. 

Research Interests                                                                         Teaching Interests

-  Phase-change data storage, memory and metadevices               -  Analogue and digital electronics

-  Neuromorphic (brain-inspired) computing                                     -  Data storage and memories

-  Renewable Energy applications (Solar, Wave and Tidal)              -  Matlab and C/C++ programming