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Prof Gavin Tabor

Associate Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamic


Telephone: 01392 723662

Extension: (Streatham) 3662

Dr Gavin Tabor is a member of the Informatics Research Institute (IRI). He graduated from Christs College Cambridge in 1990 with a 1st in Theoretical Physics, then did a Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics at the Department of Physics at Oxford. Changing both location and research area, he then worked as a RA in Prof. David Gosman's research group at Imperial College, London, for 5 years. During this time he worked on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of multiphase flows and the modeling of premixed turbulent combustion, and contributed towards the CFD code now known as OpenFOAM. He was appointed as a lecturer at Exeter in October 1999. He is a member of the Institute of Physics.

Research Interests

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). In particular, four main areas:

  • Turbulence simulation through Large Eddy Simulation
    E.g.,EPSRC Grant GR/R27495/01 : Inlet Conditions for Large Eddy Simulation of Premixed Turbulent Combustion.
  • BioFluid Mechanics - e.g. flow in the Lymphatic system; pollinating flow around pine cones, hydrodynamics of graptolites
    (EPSRC Grant GR/S71880/01 : an Experimental and Theoretical Study of Flow in Lymphatic Vessels).
  • Application of Image Based Meshing (IBM) tools in biomedical, biological and engineering research
  • Industrial applications of CFD.This includes the simulation of air flows in pre-industrial iron furnaces (7th century AD), as well as research and consultancy work in renewable energy generation (wind and marine current power generation).

Teaching Interests

  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

Other Relevant Information

Qualifications : PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics, Oxford