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Mr David Pritchard



Telephone: 01392 723623

Extension: (Streatham) 3623


David Pritchard, a member of the Energy Harvesting Department. The key area of his research is WEHT (Wearable Energy Harvesting Technologies).

He started his academic studies in Motorsport Technology at the University of Derby which then led him to work for a Classic formula 1 team building and preparing the races cars for a European race championship. He earned his BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with first class Honours from the University of Derby in 2009. He was also awarded a Rolls-Royce engineering award for his dissertation work regarding ceramic coating of internal engine components and there advantages for improving thermal efficiencies.

From there he entered the renewable world, where he worked on heat pumps and biomass systems and how to enable the systems for best efficiencies ratings relating to the customer’s needs. He also helped OfGem set up the RHI standards and went on to be a consultant for the renewables market.

He is a keen design engineer who has designed and manufactured parts for an international rally cross team and Bespoke wooden furniture using a state of the art CNC machine.

His Research here at Exeter will concentrate on improving power outputs of piezoelectric transducers by researching into a state of the art transducer design and the enabling technologies required to develop them into a preferred form of power source.