Dr Ana Neves



Gopika Rajan presenting her research in the high street at Soapbox Science Exeter 2018. Well done! Brilliantly assisted by one of the newest additions to the group, Kavya Sadanandan. A big thank you also to Amy and Luke for volunteering in the event. What a success it was! 



Nadir Chatoui with Gopika and I, shortly before going back to France to graduate, after a 3-month internship with us. Good luck for yout future, Nadir.


Hugo Joulie sucessfully presented his report at ESNMM Bensançon, after a very successful 6-months internship with us and Dr Anna Baldycheva at Exeter. We took this photo from in the lab before Hugo left. A big thank you to Gopika Rajan for being such as extraordinary mentor during this internship!



Amy and Luke went to the Second National Natural Sciences Student Conference in Lancaster University to present a poster about their MSc project.