Dr Ana Neves

Research Group

PhD students

MSc students

  • Tongzhi Zheng, MSc Materials Engineering with Management, 2017-present
  • Amy Hampshire, MSc Natural Sciences, 2017-present
  • Luke Orgill, MSc Natural Sciences, 2017-present

Individual Project students

  • Alexander MacFarquhar, MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2017-present
  • Bryan Ang, BEng Mechanical Engineering, 2017-present
  • Kaan Bulguroglu, BEng Engineerting and Management, 2017-present

Exchange Students

  • Nadir Chatoui, Bac +2 (Higher education diploma) in Instrumentation and Management, IUT d'Evreux, Université de Rouen, France, 2018 (internship)

Previous members:

  • Hugo Joulie, Bac+4 (equivalent to MEng) in Products Engineering, Materials and Functional Surfaces, ESNMM Besançon, France, 2017/2018 (Erasmus+, co-supervised by Dr Anna Baldycheva)
  • David Brearley, MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2016/17
  • Michael Dorman, MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2016/17
  • King Kit Pang, BEng Mechanical Engineering, 2016/17
  • Jiye Ren, BEng Mechanical Engineering, 2016/17