Photo of Dr Ahmed Khalil

Dr Ahmed Khalil

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Telephone: 01392 724075

Extension: (Streatham) 4075

Dr. Ahmed Khalil has got his Ph.D. at Kyushu University, Japan, in September 2017. As a researcher, he has considerable knowledge and experience-acquired skills in synthesizing and characterizing nanomaterials for water and wastewater treatment. In addition, he has worked in modelling, optimizing, and simulating environmental and chemical processes since his master’s degree. His track record of publications has exceeded 18 peer-reviewed journal publications and 15 conference proceedings since 2015 (refer to his ResearchGate profile link). 

Currently, at the University of Exeter, Fate and Management of Emerging Contaminants (FaME) is an undergoing project that provides for the clean ganga mission in India and water pollution control in the UK. Dr. Khalil’s present research work in that area focuses on developing innovative treatment solutions based on graphene-based nano-adsorbents for the removal of emerging contaminants from wastewaters, pursuing his goal in designing and operating cost-effective nanomaterial-based technologies to treat unconventional water supplies.