Dr Arseny Alexeev

Honorary Senior Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 724059

Extension: (Streatham) 4059

I am a nanotechnology engineer with strong background in theory of condensed matter physics. My current research projects are focused on developing novel optoelectronic devices based on dielectric metamaterials, phase-change materials, and 2D crystals.

I received my BSc (June 2006) and MSc (June 2008) degrees in solid-state physics from the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University. In May 2010 I was awarded Marie Curie Fellowship in the FP7 ITN “Spin-Optronics” project and was enrolled by the University of Exeter for PhD in theoretical physics under supervision of Prof M.E. Portnoi. In March 2013 I obtained PhD and joined the NEST group led by Prof David Wright to work in the FP7 NMP Project "CareRAMM" and EPRC "WAFT" projects.

My main research competences are: electron-phonon interaction in solids, quantum rings, microcavities, light-matter coupling, graphene, flexible electronics, amorphous carbon, phase-change materials, non-volatile memories, plasmonic metamaterials, dielectric metamaterials, optical absorbers and beam steerers, photonic crystals.

You can follow me on ResearchGate, GoogleScholar, or LinkedIn.