Polymer Processing

With our state of the art equipment and multi-talented team, we have been involved in a variety of polymer processing research projects. At the centre of all our projects is a desire to better understand the material properties so that we can predict and optimise manufacturing processes. 

We can test new material formulations, modify processes and develop systems such as in-line spectroscopy for quality control, applying this across conventional polymer manufacturing equipment as well as Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Currently we have 2 injection moulders (thermoset and thermoplastic), single and twin screw extruders, a lab scale SMC line, 2 hot presses, an industrial prototyping weaving loom, a suite of AM equipment, and a wide variety of material analysis and testing equipment. Click on our materials analysis page to see full details of our equipment

Examples of research includes:

Click on the current projects and past projects pages to see all X-AT projects, or CALM research for Additive Manufacturing.