Equipment and Facilities

Details of our processing and material analysis equipment are provided below:

Mechanical testing

Universal Materials Testing:
Lloyd LR300k Universal Materials Testing Machine- 300 kN maximum load
Lloyd EZ20 Universal Materials Testing Machine - 20 kN maximum load
Lloyd Laserscan 200 Extensometer
Lloyd EX 800 ExtensometerThermal Chamber (-70oC to 300oC)

Impact Testing:
Instron CEAST 9350 drop tower
CEAST resil pendulum impact tester

Thermal analysis

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC):
Mettler Toledo DSC 1 STARe system with intracooler, DSC823e (wtih liquid nitrogen supply) & DSC821e

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA):
Mettler Toledo TGA/DSC1 STARe system

Dynamic Mechanical Analyis (DMA):
Mettler Toledo DMA1 STARe system and DMA/SDTA861e

Spectroscopy Bruker:
Alpha FTIR system with Platinum ATR setup
Sentinel Raman
Matrix NIR
Vector 22 MIR
Perkin Elmer:
UV Lambda B1010
Microscopy Zeiss - Axioplan2 Optical Microscope
Standard stereo microscope (60x) with external fibre optic light source
Digital camera imagery system with application software

TA Instrumuments:
Discovery Hybrid Rheometer HR-1, with Peltier and parallel plate attachments
AR2000 Rotational Rheometer

Rosand: Capillary Rheometer
Davenport: MFI

Particle analysis Powder Rheometer: Freeman Technology FT4
Surface analysis Taylor Hobson: Talyscan 150
Ovens / furnaces

Vacuum Oven (Binder - room temperature to 250C)
High temperature oven with purge/protective gas (Carbolite, room temperature to 450C)
Box furnace (Carbolite up to 1100C)

Other equipment

Oxygen Indexer
Brabender Aquatrac polymer moisture content measurement

Materials Processing / Manufacturing

In addition to our materials analysis equipment we have a range of processing equipment including:


Battenfeld HM40/130 - Thermoplastics
Battenfeld HM45/130 - Thermosets

Moulding / Hot Press

Lab Tech LP-S-50 hydraulic press
BYTEC hydraulic press

Compounding / 

Chareon Tut twin screw extruder with side feed
Rondol single screw extruders

Weaving Loom

An industrial prototyping weaving loom for the development of Auxetic fabrics


Lab scale SMC (sheet moulding compound) facilities

Additive Manufacturing/
3D Printing

See CALM webpages


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The Imaging Suite located in The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter offers SEM, TEM,  AFM, CT and XRD facilities for experimental applications at micro and nano scale. Access to our machines comes with the associated expert and technical assistance able to support routine work on a timed basis or contribute to a significant programme of research and testing. Either way, we seek to deliver the results to your specification and at competitive rates.

We offer a full consultation service, from the initial project concept through to final delivery, and we will work closely with you throughout the process. In offering these analytical techniques, together with additional expert services, we aim to be a powerful problem solver for the challenges you are seeking to overcome.#


Our Current and Past research project pages provide more information about our specific interests and areas of expertise.