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Academic staff | Postgraduate researchers

Academic staff list

NameResearch expertise

James Brownjohn

Professor of Structural Dynamics

  • vibration serviceability
  • structural health monitoring (SHM)
  • system identification
  • human biomechanics
  • wind engineering
  • measuring and evaluating the performance of structures at full scale
  • ambient vibration testing and operational modal analysis using minimal portable equipment

Alex Pavic

Professor of Vibration Engineering

  • vibration serviceability
  • human comfort when using structures and buildings
  • slender civil engineering structures such as long-span floors, footbridges and grandstands
  • human-induced dynamic forces applied on human musculo-skeletal systems

Paul Reynolds

Professor of Structural Dynamics and Control and EPSRC Leadership Fellow

  • vibration serviceability, specifically control and mitigation of vibrations using technology
  • building structures that use fewer materials but still perform well
  • dynamic testing and monitoring

Stana Zivanovic

Associate Professor

  • human motion analysis
  • human response to vibration and other perturbations in built environment
  • human-structure and human-human interaction and synchronisation
  • vibration serviceability assessment
  • dynamics of lightweight (e.g. fibre-reinforced polymer and aluminium) structures and human-structure systems

Prakash Kripakaran

Senior Lecturer

  • data analytics for structural health monitoring
  • machine learning and statistical techniques for anomaly detection
  • model updating, system identification and uncertainty propagation
  • bridge scour assessment and monitoring
  • evaluation of debris impact forces on bridge structures
  • numerical and experimental characterisation of drag and lift forces on bridge piers and decks

Ki Young Koo


  • structural health monitoring (SHM)
  • civionics: wireless sensors for field measurements of civil infrastructures
  • machine learning for structural health monitoring
  • structural degradation detection and quantification
  • finite element model updating
  • system identification

Ying Wang

Research Fellow

  • system identification of telecoms masts
  • generating 3D model of civil infrastructures

Wai Kei Ao

Research Fellow

  • dynamic behaviour of offshore structures
  • dynamic testing of tall timber buildings around UK and Europe


Postgraduate researchers in VES

ResearcherResearch area
Mr Atheer Al-Anbaki Vibration serviceability of lightweight floors
Mr Jose Capilla Designing dynamic issues in high guyed masts
Ms Karen Faulkner Quantifying the resilience of the built environment to extreme weather events, through direct field measurements of environmental conditions and structural impacts
Mr Márcio Santos Goncalves Realistic modelling of floors and walking loads towards optimal vibration serviceability
Mr Ahmed Mohammed Using a probabilistic approach for vibration serviceability assessment of civil structures due to multiple-pedestrian loading
Mr Mubarak Patel Monitoring human motion using wearable sensors to reduce risk of trips and falls
Mr Jorge Perez-Aracil Control and isolation of low level vibration in civil engineering structures

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