Alex, James and Paul have worked on almost 200 commercial research and consultancy projects over the last 25 years involving

  • dynamic testing and analytical modelling
  • short and long-term vibration monitoring
  • vibration serviceability of large and full-scale structures in open space environments

As well as generating a significant proportion of peer-reviewed international journal publications in this field over the last 25 years they have also contributed to key design guides and national and international standards on dynamic loading and assessment of grandstands, floors, staircases and buildings.

Vibration engineering is underpinned by developments in measuring and modelling human dynamic loads based on a biodynamics approach. These loads are usually the key source of vibration serviceability problems. We can couple human dynamic load modelling with finite element modelling and model correlation and updating, based on dynamic testing of as-built large civil engineering structures.

We have international expertise in structural health monitoring and extensive experience of full-scale testing of civil structures. We can undertake deep data driven assessment of civil engineering structures, based on novel on-line and real-time performance anomaly detection using operational modal analysis and data mining tools. These are currently employed on a number of full-scale structures in the UK and overseas.

A world class facility

Our dynamic testing facility is a unique resource that offers four independently controlled electro-dynamic shakers, a range of highly sensitive accelerometers, data acquisition hardware and modal analysis software. Our facility is capable of testing and assessing structures any size, anywhere, and coupled with finite element analysis and our updating software it is a powerful tool for structural assessment.

Treadmill facility comprising a 3-component instrumented treadmill and video motion capture equipment for direct and indirect pedestrian loads on structures.

MATLAB-based software tools MODAL, NDOF have been developed in-house for modal analysis, signal processing, simulation and assessment.

VSATS, our latest and industry-leading simulation and vibration serviceability assessment research and consultancy software tool.